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    12 Reasons Why BBC One's "The Musketeers" Is Fantastic

    Buckle your swashes, ladies and gentlemen, and prepare yourselves for adventure, heartbreak, dueling, honor, duty, and - most importantly - SASS. So. Much. Sass. All for one, one for all!

    1. Of course, the epic dueling

    2. The less epic, but more amusing dueling of Louis XIII

    3. The high stakes

    4. The poignant truths

    "...there might be more good ones left."

    5. The loss and heartbreak

    6. The incredible Peter Capaldi, being all sly and sassy

    Because we need a Capaldi fix while we wait for Doctor Who.

    7. SO. MUCH. SASS.

    "Now, with the greatest of respect to your exquisite delicacy of feeling, may we please return to the real issue here."

    D'Artagnan: "Prepare to fight, one of us dies here."

    Aramis: "Now, that's the way to make an entrance."

    Constance: "Fifty sous and I'll take you to heaven."

    Guard: "Are you one of those religious nutcases?"

    Constance: "It was a metaphor."

    8. Intelligent and rebellious women

    "Patronize me one more time and you lose your head!"

    9. Athos' gentlemanly manners and stoic reactions

    "Attacking an unarmed opponent defies every principle of chivalry."

    "I must have your guarantee that you won't try to escape, Monsieur."

    "I sympathize with your grievances, Monsieur, no doubt your partner is a cheat and a swindler. However, it is our duty to deliver him safely to Paris. So, you must wait and seek justice there."

    10. The hats

    11. Aramis - everything about him, really

    Aramis: "I don't like this, I've never been unpopular before."

    Porthos: "Try trading places with me."

    Aramis: "Well, you're used to it, I'm more the romantic hero type."

    12. The music

    View this video on YouTube

    Composed by the brilliant Murray Gold, who also does Doctor Who, so, of course, the soundtrack is AMAZING.

    Watch the trailer here:

    View this video on YouTube
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