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    18 Of The Best Blair Waldorf Outfits Of All Time

    XOXO, Gossip Girl

    1. Her season one Thanksgiving outfit slayed.

    2. And her White Party outfit was impeccable.

    3. She can look like a bowl of lemons and limes and still look perfect.

    4. Two different fruit prints in one outfit? Still killing it.

    5. She makes polka dots look classic, not childish.

    6. This dress has everything we need.

    7. Don't even get me started on her coats.

    8. In a Vera Wang wedding gown? B was made for it.

    9. She literally glows.

    10. Sparkling in blue.

    11. This is what a Queen wears to get coffee in the morning.

    12. B looks perfect when hiding from mean girls.

    13. Mixing statement pieces only works for certain stylistas.

    14. Her Hamptons outfits scream 50's housewife.

    15. Blair can wear a PANTSUIT and still look sexy.

    16. This combo is to-die-for.

    17. UGGS?! Blair does them designer.

    18. Basically, she is PERFECT.