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    The Life Of An Intern As Told By "Downton Abbey"

    Because interning is more emotional than a Downton Abbey Christmas special.

    You receive an email inviting you to intern at your dream company.

    Then you realise that it pays “expenses only".

    Nevertheless, you arrive on your first day, early, keen and ready to impress.

    You get thrown in at the deep end and wonder...

    It soon becomes clear that nobody knows who you are.

    Another intern blames you for one of her mistakes. She must go down.

    You start to get the hang of things. But the more capable you become, the more work you get given.


    You’re so overworked, staying late to impress, then using every spare moment you have at home to look for a paid job. You start to wonder...

    You ask the boss what the chances are of you being offered a job. He says...


    But at least you’ve now joined forces with your fellow interns.

    You laugh together about your ridiculous situation, it’s the only thing you can do (and you’re both a bit delirious).

    Two months in and you’re an interning pro.

    But you’re still not being paid.

    You start to get really political.

    The boss starts to talk about your replacement and you realise…

    It becomes clear that you are never going to be offered a job at this company.

    You have an existential crisis and wonder if you are destined to take a different path.

    Until your mother gives you a stern talking to.

    Then, when you’re least expecting it, you get an email inviting you to an interview. It’s for another internship, but at least this one’s paid.


    You finish your placement like the sassy gal you are, knowing that there are opportunities out there.

    And as you leave your dream company, you realise that despite all the hard work (and terrible working conditions)…

    Via ITV

    you are really going to miss the place.