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    Just 21 GIFs That'll Make Any Retail Worker Say "LOL, My Life"

    "No price tag — it must be free!" *eyeroll*

    1. "No price means it's free, right?"

    OWN / Via

    Wow you're so original and funny.

    2. When a customer walks up to the register while on the phone, then gives you the "give me a minute" finger.

    FOX / Via

    *insert eye twitch*

    3. "Are you open?"

    GIPHY / Via

    No I'm just standing here behind this register for fun.

    4. When the line is out the door and no one comes when you call for back up.

    Disney / Via

    You've called for back up at least eight times. The line is out the door and every single person is staring daggers into your soul. Customer Judy finally gets to the register and wants you to call every other store in the county to see if anyone has a matching ugly throw pillow... and no one is coming to help. No one ever comes to help.

    5. When a customer can't make up their mind.

    New Line Cinema / Via


    6. "This is cheaper at other stores."

    NBC / Via

    Then go there!

    7. "You look bored."

    Lifetime / Via

    This is a moment when the customer is, in fact, always right.

    8. When you finally have a day off after two weeks and your boss asks you to come in.

    GIPHY / Via

    9. When it's pay day and all that hard work is about to pay off...

    Def Jam Records / Via

    And you've got big plans on how to spend it!

    10. ...only to realize it's less than you expected.

    NBC / Via

    Has Rachel Green ever been more relatable?

    11. "You deserve a raise."

    FOX / Via

    Yes. Yes I do. Would you mind telling my boss that?

    12. "Miss! Excuse me miss! I need you to carry my bags to my car."

    GIPHY / Via

    It's usually because they need both hands free for texting.

    13. When you FINALLY hear a new song come on after listening to the same playlist repeat itself over and over and over.


    You can only listen to "Life is a Highway" so many times before you start to go a little crazy.

    14. When someone attractive comes in the store.

    GIPHY / Via

    15. ...but you don't want to talk to them because you look and feel like human trash.

    GIPHY / Via

    But really, who looks good eight hours into a shift and under all those fluorescent lights?

    16. When you get to work and your bestie is also working.

    DreamWorks / Via

    Misery loves company. Misery also loves retail.

    17. When you request a day off with plenty of heads up, but they don't give it to you.

    CBS / Via

    You need to make that doctor's appointment you've been putting off. Two months advance should be enough time... right? WRONG.

    18. Fantasizing about turning in that two weeks notice.

    Disney / Via

    And that perfect quitting speech you've planned in your head!

    19. ...but you can't quit because you can't afford to.

    Disney / Via

    Those bills aren't going to pay themselves!

    20. Everyone tells you working in retail "builds character."

    NBC / Via

    If by "character" they mean "pessimism and impatience" then yes, I agree.

    21. It's OK though, because you're a boss and you're going to make it through.

    Jive Records / Via

    At least that's what you keep telling yourself.

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