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    Just 21 GIFs That'll Make Any Retail Worker Say "LOL, My Life"

    "No price tag — it must be free!" *eyeroll*

    1. "No price means it's free, right?"

    2. When a customer walks up to the register while on the phone, then gives you the "give me a minute" finger.

    3. "Are you open?"

    4. When the line is out the door and no one comes when you call for back up.

    5. When a customer can't make up their mind.

    6. "This is cheaper at other stores."

    7. "You look bored."

    8. When you finally have a day off after two weeks and your boss asks you to come in.

    9. When it's pay day and all that hard work is about to pay off...

    10. ...only to realize it's less than you expected.

    11. "You deserve a raise."

    12. "Miss! Excuse me miss! I need you to carry my bags to my car."

    13. When you FINALLY hear a new song come on after listening to the same playlist repeat itself over and over and over.

    14. When someone attractive comes in the store.

    15. ...but you don't want to talk to them because you look and feel like human trash.

    16. When you get to work and your bestie is also working.

    17. When you request a day off with plenty of heads up, but they don't give it to you.

    18. Fantasizing about turning in that two weeks notice.

    19. ...but you can't quit because you can't afford to.

    20. Everyone tells you working in retail "builds character."

    21. It's OK though, because you're a boss and you're going to make it through.

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