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Fogo Island: Canada's Best Kept Secret

After watching the video below, you’ll want to be whisked away to Fogo Island, a hidden treasure in Newfoundland, Canada.

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Fogo Island embodies a rare sense of place that captivates curious travellers, culinary adventurers and design enthusiasts alike. Unlike most places in the world, it has seven seasons.

"I would like to think every person who comes to Fogo Island has an experience that is essentializing. That they feel reawakened in themselves, or given back to themselves," says founder Zita Cobb of the award-winning Fogo Island Inn. It is a one-of-a-kind property that has drawn worldwide attention to the remote island off the island of Newfoundland.

Located in iceberg alley, off the North East coast of Newfoundland, Canada, Fogo Island is known as one of the four corners of the Earth. The Inn opened in summer of 2013 and was built to contribute to the cultural and economic sustainability of the Island.

Every piece of the Inn, from the furniture, to the quilts, to the food, is locally sourced and crafted with love by Fogo Island residents. The Inn isn't just a hotel where travelers go to drop their bags and go sight seeing, it as much the destination as the island itself.

Travellers visit Fogo Island to soak up its rich culture, eat delicious food, and be by the most powerful ocean on the planet. The Fogo Island Inn encompasses all of these elements while adding a sense of quiet luxury and extreme comfort for its guests.

For all these reasons, the Fogo Island Inn is a must for any top ten list! Is it going on yours?

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