18 Times Blake Shelton Made Us Laugh Out Loud

If Blake hadn’t been a country singer, he definitely could’ve been a comedian. Happy 37th birthday, Blake!

1. When he lied about his age.

3. When he wished us all a happy Easter.

4. When he did his best Cee Lo impression.


5. When he posted this picture of him and Carson.

“Ok.. Ok.. The truth is I’m only mad at @CarsonDaly cause he never called after our date…”

6. When he came up with new sayings.

7. When he asked this important question:

8. When he took the time to photoshop these:

“So shocked about these old pictures of @ChrisYoungMusic that are surfacing….”

“@whatupallie: @blakeshelton @ChrisYoungMusic I heard you did those kinda pics too” Ok.. Honestly I did.”

“@shelbyworth: @blakeshelton did @adamlevine have any of these photo shoots too?” Sadly yes….”

9. When he used his wife as leverage on “The Voice.”


10. When he got political about Lucky Charms.

11. When he admitted his other man crush.


Via: http://supernaturalwanderlust.tumblr.com/post/40004550536/x

12. When he showed Adam Levine his true feelings.

“Happy Memorial Day @adamlevine!!!!! You’re #1!!!!!”

13. When he wished us a happy Mothers Day.

15. When he drunk tweeted.

16. When he did the fake-out handshake with Adam.


17. When him and Usher took their relationship to the next level.

“Had such a great first date last night… I’m so glad we’re finally going there!!!”

18. When he told Adam about Taylor Swift’s place in music.


Via: http://delenasheaven.tumblr.com/post/46349321224

Happy birthday Blake! Hope it looks a little something like this:


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