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The 27 Stages Of Getting Addicted To A Television Show

You laugh, you cry and you get attached to fictional characters. Getting into a new TV show is a crazy ride.

1. Your friends beg you to watch a show.

2. It's on Netflix, so you're like, "sure, why not?"

3. You start the first episode. Everything is great.

4. Five hours have somehow gone by and you decide it is time to go to bed.

5. But after one more episode. You've earned it.

6. You're at work, but all you want to do is go home and watch the show. Why is life a thing?

7. You start to get emotionally attached to your favorite character.

8. Then you start shipping.

9. Ship all the things!

10. Your OTP finally kisses.

11. Suddenly, some new character has rolled into town that you don't like.

12. You now realize you haven't left your room in two days.

13. You're fighting with people on the internet about your show.

14. You wonder why this fandom sucks so hard.

15. Your friends are getting worried. You tell them you're OK.

16. But you're not OK, because you've almost finished the show.

17. If you're lucky, your show is still on the air and you get more episodes.

18. But now you have to wait a week between episodes.

19. If you're not lucky, the show doesn't exist anymore.

20. That's how it ends? THAT'S HOW IT ENDS?!

21. It's just...over.

22. No more OTP kisses.

23. No more ANYTHING.

24. When you finally emerge from your room, you don't know how to function any longer.

25. It's just a TV show, they say.

26. But you know it's more than that.

27. Time to pick a new show and start all over again.