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16 Reasons Dylan O'Brien Is The Dork Of Your Dreams

The Teen Wolf actor is definitely in the running for the most lovable goon in Hollywood.

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1. He's the biggest goofball.

Christopher Polk / Getty Images
Alexandra Wyman / Getty Images

2. He ships Nick and Jess.

3. He plays Stiles on Teen Wolf. The closest thing to Seth Cohen, since...Seth Cohen.

4. Look how good he looks in a bow tie.

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

5. He wins Twitter without even trying.

6. Look at him in glasses.

7. He still has his slightly embarrassing YouTube channel from before he was famous.

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8. Where no homophobes are allowed.

9. He does this thing when he kisses people.

11. He will marathon television with you.

12. He'll literally just spend hours on the couch with you.

13. He's cute when he laughs.

14. Like us, he has unattainable celebrity crushes. Like Chloe Moretz.

And Emma Stone.

15. He'll quote Hocus Pocus with you.

16. He's so sweet, it hurts.

Especially when he feels bad that he can't go say hi to his fans.

We love you too.

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