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30 People From Infomercials Who Can't Do Anything Right

Being a person is hard!

1. This woman who doesn't know what stairs are:

2. This guy's sunglasses that have a mind of their own:

3. This woman whose fruit bars can't solve everything:

4. This guy who knows how hard measuring tapes are to use:

5. This woman who is, hopefully, cooking eggs for the first time:

6. This guy who tried to clean his brain with a Q-tip:

7. This guy who doesn't know why life's so hard:

8. This guy who is no Vincent van Gogh:

9. This guy who just doesn't have enough knees:

10. This girl who doesn't know what Velcro is:

11. This mom who doesn't belong in the kitchen:

12. This person that just wanted a Frosty Cola:

13. This guy who can't do anything right:

14. This woman who can't get out of her shower without dying:

15. This woman who might need glasses:

16. This person that thinks that food lives in the microwave:

17. This person who wanted to warm up their hands:

18. This guy who ruined the mood:

19. This new dad that shouldn't be near babies:

20. These people that can't control their limbs:

21. This lady who has gone to a few too many Tupperware parties:

22. This person who lost all their knives and could only find a wooden doorstop:

23. These people who are only ordering takeout from now on:

24. This woman who could really lose a foot:

25. This lady who should probably play baseball:

26. This little boy who doesn't deserve to eat:

27. This woman who is horrified she has arms:

28. This woman who totally is pissing her husband off:

29. This woman who didn't realize that she was holding a hammer:

30. This woman who knows that NOTHING is easy: