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    20 Things Only People Who Absolutely Hate Winter Can Relate To

    If I hear one more, premature Christmas song...

    1. When the radio starts playing Christmas music the day after Thanksgiving and you're all like:

    freshprincesubs / Via

    2. When you have to wait an eternity for your car to defrost.

    gifs-for-the-masses / Via

    3. SO. MUCH. SNOW.

    heartsnmagic / Via

    4. Getting lost in the snow because the piles are taller than you are.

    heartsnmagic / Via

    5. Your toes are never warm, no matter how many pairs of fuzzy socks you wear.

    blakesnewyear / Via

    6. Drinking iced coffee is no longer acceptable.

    yourcoffeeguru / Via

    7. You break into an unmanageable sweat every time you walk inside.

    justalittletumblweed / Via

    8. Slipping and falling on the ice... IN PUBLIC.

    curveyhunnie / Via

    9. You start to see the never ending barrage of holiday commercials in your nightmares.

    allretrogifs / Via

    10. Puffy jackets consume you.

    psychoticfoaming / Via

    11. The fact that it's pitch black by 5 o'clock.

    lovely-serenade / Via

    12. You can't go outside without looking like Rudolph.

    allretrogifs / Via

    13. Getting out of bed in the winter is way more difficult than it should be.

    bernillauro-blog / Via

    14. Walking your dog in negative degree weather is pure misery...

    15. ...not to mention the disgusting yellow snow that follows.

    jeanpolfus / Via

    16. Dry and cracked skin, no matter how much moisturizer you use.

    Rachel Hoffman

    17. Cold and flu season, folks!!

    bomladrao / Via

    18. Your diet goes to shit because of the never ending holiday meals.

    georgetakei / Via

    19. Getting out of a hot shower in the winter time is its own special hell.

    spongebob / Via

    20. And finally, the complete and utter awfulness that is shoveling.

    topcats78 / Via

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