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Adorable Gifs That Will Remind You What Halloween Is All About

Let these dogs and cats remind you of what to expect this Halloween.

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Dressing Up

I want to be a witch, but like a cute witch.

Food, endless amounts of food

Keep those Pinterest inspired snacks coming.

Seeing Someone Else In Your Costume

Really, Karen? Really? I posted my costume on Instagram three weeks ago.


I swear I'm still young enough to be begging for free candy.

Judging Other People's Costumes

Really, you expect me to believe that you're a cat?

Trying To Be Sexy

Do I look exactly like Edward Cullen? Do people still find that attractive?

Showing Off Your Pumpkin Carving Skills

You better appreciate this, I didn't even use a pattern.


Does my apartment feel like a real pumpkin patch yet?

Watching Scary Movies

No, it's okay, I'll watch Hocus Pocus again.

Agreeing To A Group Costume

Do we look dumb?



This little bee can handle his liquor.

Getting Told "You Look So Cute!" All Night

Who, me?

Looking Bad Ass In Your Costume

Fairy wings, f**k yeah.

Getting Scared

You didn't even scare me, bro.

Finding Someone Dressed In The Same Costume Theme

We must take a selfie.

Getting To Be Yourself

I've just always really felt like I was born for so much more, ya know?

Waiting All Day For The Fun To Start


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