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17 Reasons Fitzroy Is The Coolest Suburb In Melbourne

Hands down.

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1. It's the hipster capital of Melbourne.

There's nothing cooler than a trendy hipster who isn't even trying to be cool, and Fitzroy is the number one place to find them. Beards, bikes, tatts and absolute no fucks given - it is the suburb where hipsters come to be ~trendy~ in peace.

2. The street art is second to none.

Keep your eyes peeled wandering the streets of Fitzroy and you might just stumble upon a masterpiece.

3. Vintage and pre-loved shops are its specialty.

Via Facebook: huntergatherer.bsl

It's no wonder the hipsters of Melbourne hang in a suburb with SO many vintage shops. Our pick of the bunch is Hunter Gatherer, somewhat of an icon in Fitzroy, which has been going strong for over a decade. Stocking an eclectic mix of fashion, books, bric-a-brac and more, this store has everything to meet your vintage shopping needs.

4. There's always a street festival happening.

Between the Brunswick Street Festival, the Hispanic-Latin American Festival and the Gertrude Street Projection Festival, Fitzroy is without doubt known for its street parties. Always a happenin' place to get your groove on, keep an eye out for dates live music, delicious food stalls and amazing installations flood this suburb.


5. It has the prettiest Victorian buildings.

Rachel Furolo

Look around in Fitzroy and you'll be treated to some of the finest examples of Victorian-era architecture in Melbourne. Colourful, interesting and fully restored, the buildings in Fitzroy are a throwback to years of old.

6. It's a vegetarian's idea of heaven.

Head to Yong Green Food for asian, Trippy Taco for mexican or Vegie Bar for a mix of entirely vegetarian menus with vegan options too.

7. And basically a foodie's idea of paradise.

Via Facebook: RiceQueen3065

If that wasn't enough, Fitzroy also provides foodies a smorgasbord of restaurants, cafes and eateries to choose from. Feel like Chinese? No problem. Mexican? Easy. Vietnamese? DONE. Spanish? Thai? Italian? African? Greek? Got you covered.

8. You can get your ~arty~.

Via Facebook: BSGART

Fancy a little bit of culture in your life? Well, Fitzroy has a whole host of art galleries housing vintage and contemporary art pieces and photography, reflecting its creative residents.


9. It’s home to some of the world's best bars. Literally.

Via Facebook: TheEverleigh

If nothing else, Fitzroy has staked its claim on two of the top 50 bars worldwide with The Black Pearl and The Everleigh. As all Melbourne bars are, these two are discrete and understated, but find your way in and you'll be met with some of the most interesting drinks and interiors in the entire city.

10. And a rooftop bar worthy of a world-renowned title.

People come from near and far to nab a spot at Naked in the Sky, the affectionately titled rooftop bar of Naked for Satan. The perfect spot to chill out in summer watching the sunset or huddle around under the heaters in winter. Any time of year, it provides an amazing view of the city skyline coupled with unique tapas and delicious drinks.

11. It shares borders with the next two coolest suburbs: Collingwood and Carlton.

Conveniently placed right next to Fitzroy are two (almost) equally as cool suburbs. Venture into Carlton for a taste of Little Italy or Collingwood for a unique and quirky feel much like Fitzroy.

12. And it's a stones throw away from the CBD.

If you do want to venture out of Fitzroy, its prime inner city location let's you hop on a tram and make it to the centre of town in just a few minutes.


13. It's home to Melbourne's biggest pizza.

Brunswick Street is home to Shawcross Pizza, a New York style pizza joint that just so happens to be open until 3AM on weekends.

14. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee.

Come to Fitzroy and you'll be in for a treat with cafes that take the art of coffee making very seriously, with designated specialists on hand. Industry Beans, Hammer & Tong and Atomica take the cake, or coffee as it were.

15. There are quirky designs everywhere.

Rachel Furolo

Think oversized venus fly traps on top of florists, giant forks and knives outside restaurants and overgrown shrubs surrounding cafes. The quirky aspects of this suburb are part of what makes it stand out from the others.

16. It’s home to the world’s first concrete-pool-turned-skate-park, inside a Mexican restaurant.

Beach Burrito Fitzroy was the first of this franchise to open in Victoria, and it has made quite a statement with its unique venue installation. Paying homage to 80's skater culture, patrons can enjoy a fresh taco whilst sitting on the mezzanine level overlooking the skate bowl.

17. It's a melting pot of cultures and scenes.

Perhaps the coolest aspect of Fitzroy as a suburb is its ability to transform itself. Having a mix of so many different cultures, styles, cuisines and people, the streets change from day to night into completely different atmospheres. In Fitzroy, you never know exactly what you're going to get, and that's half the fun.

18. Because seriously, Melbourne wouldn't be anywhere near as cool without Fitzroy.


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