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    21 Little Secrets Professional Dog Walkers Will Never Tell You

    It's not as easy as it looks.

    1. There's a limit to the number of dogs we can walk at a time.

    2. Our rotas are erratic and complicated.

    3. We’re fiercely protective of the dogs we walk.

    4. But yes, sometimes we can lose a dog.

    5. The pay honestly isn't that great.

    6. Dog walking can be extremely stressful.

    7. You don't need any formal qualifications.

    8. We get major guilt if something happens to a dog on our watch.

    9. We judge lazy dog owners.

    10. Curious children can be a real pain.

    11. Everyone has a dog they secretly dread walking.

    12. Sometimes we have to raise our voices and it sucks.

    13. It’s a surprisingly tiring job.

    14. We don’t always scoop the poop.

    15. The job can be really gross.

    16. Getting a new puppy on your rota is like winning the dog-walking lottery.

    17. If a dog owner is rude to us we’re more likely to look the other way when their dog’s in a puddle.

    18. Dog walkers often form cliques.

    19. We know when a dog is sad.

    20. It’s heartbreaking saying goodbye to a favourite dog.

    21. But it’s all totally worth it, because DOGGOS.

    Note: This post is based on one person’s experience of working in the industry.