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    This Natural Deodorant Actually Prevents B.O. Like No Other

    I’ve even been asking people to smell my armpits.

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    Everyone knows the general consensus regarding most natural products, but ESPECIALLY natural deodorants: They don’t work.

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    And I too fell victim to that way of thinking — until about two weeks ago.

    The most interesting thing, however, is that my incentive to switch to a natural option over my usual Old Spice or Ban wasn’t in pursuit of fewer toxins, as is often the case, but rather my desire for a deodorant that would last longer.

    Well, I recently got my hands on Vapour Organic Beauty AER Next Level Deodorant, and let me put it bluntly: This shit lasts.

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    Without going into too much detail, I’ve had a particularly stressful and anxiety-inducing few weeks. Amongst the many issues this brought on, the biggest nuisance was stress sweat. I can normally detect a slight tinge of B.O. at the end of a long day, but suddenly people around me could smell it too (okay, just one person actually called it out, but it was still traumatizing).

    One night, bemoaning my condition to my cousin, she suggested a product sold in the wellness studio where she works. And for anyone who has visited a wellness studio that specializes in holistic healing and Eastern medicine, you may understand my initial reaction of trepidation.

    But I was desperate for a solution, and she raved about her current product favorite: this deodorant. Instead of the typically utilized talc or other synthetic ingredients, AER employs organic arrowroot, baking soda, organic tulsi, myrrh, and oregano to stave off wetness and odor. I’m not exaggerating when I say I was SHOCKED by how well it worked.

    The first time I used this product was at the aforementioned studio; I was about to go get a drink with a few people when I realized I was not smelling...great.

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    I quickly rinsed my pits and put on some of the AER sample and went about my night, hoping my layers would disguise any smell that might persist. But the thing is, there *was no smell*! Even long into the next day, I could sniff my underarms without detecting even a hint of odor. I immediately texted my cousin to thank her for introducing this gem into my life. Then she bought it for me as a birthday gift, because that’s what friends are for.

    I’ve been using it since and it hasn’t let me down. There are three scents: Ginger Grapefruit, Lavender Myrrh, and Palo Santo Blood Orange (which is the one that I use).

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    If you don’t love Palo Santo, maybe steer away from that iteration — its fragrance is somewhere between mild and strong, with an even balance of each scent — but I can imagine they all work in a similarly incredible fashion. Side note: Yes, this deodorant is a little pricey, but it is super potent, meaning a little bit goes a long way and should last for quite a while. The description of the stick touts its “gel to powder” formula, so it spreads evenly but dries quickly. One turn of the dial at the bottom pushes up enough gel to sufficiently slather the underarm area. Also, isn’t it worth it to eschew any worry of stank?

    It appears that other users are loving its long-lasting wear as well:,

    “Finally! A natural deodorant that lives up to its job! Love the scent, how long it lasts, and how it feels to apply. Can't wait to try the other two scents too!” —Carly B.

    “I LOVE this deodorant! I have sunk hundreds of dollars into finding the perfect natural deodorant (and I've found one or two good ones), but this one really takes the cake! It lasts all day long and it really keeps perspiration at bay. I got the Palo Santo Blood Orange scent and I like, but fair warning: if you don't like the scent of Palo Santo, then this deodorant isn't for you. I did read a few other reviews (on various websites) that people were disappointed in the amount of product in the container. I've only had this deodorant for a short time, so I can't actually say how long one container lasts, but I will say that a pea-sized amount is all that's necessary for each application. Highly recommend! Can't wait to try the other scents!” —Roxanne S.

    “I love this so much — have had reactions to other deodorants over the years, or used one for a long time and then had to switch, but this one seems to be the keeper. I have no bad reactions, it smells wonderful and works well. Have already ordered my back up stick, and as a little goes a LONG way.” —happy family

    Get it from Amazon, The Detox Market, or Pharmaca for $24 (available in three scents).

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