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    19 Things We've Tried, Loved, And Want Everyone To Know About

    Statement earrings, small biz skincare, irresistible Sichuan condiments, and more. Man, we have good taste.

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    First are some picks from Mal, whose love of cemeteries, ghosts, ghouls, and all things spooky, doesn't mean she isn't also one of the most cheerful, kind people I have ever had the pleasure to work alongside!

    Mal in matching clear and rainbow iridescent glasses and face mask

    1. An "Overgrown Cemetery" scented candle for anyone who appreciates the earthy scents of nature, even the parts of nature that are a bit macabre. 

    hand holding the candle in a small metal tin

    Bazaar is a small business based in Baltimore. 

    Mal says: "This dreary candle lights up my life! I stumbled across it while digging through taxidermy critters in an oddities shop in Baltimore. But instead of smelling like formaldehyde, this lush stuff smelled fresh, dewy, and natural. It promptly came home with me and has been a staple on my bookshelves ever since. It looks right at home with my apothecary jar collection and helps my apartment smell like the great outdoors when things feel stuffy."

    Get it from Bazaar for $15

    2. A collection of Papa Rozier Farms lotion bars to get your skin moisturized with castor oil and cocoa butter-based formulas each infused with their own special scents. 

    a lotion bar surrounded several others in burlap drawstring packaging
    Mal Mower / BuzzFeed

    The set comes with six lotion bars in Chocolate Rose, Eucalyptus, Hibiscus, Jasmine, Oakmoss, and Natural scents. Papa Rozier Farms is a small business based in Bushwick. 

    Mal says: "Last Christmas I decided to buy presents exclusively from my neighborhood, which helped me discover Papa Rozier's lotion bars. I got these for my stepmom buuut they're now displayed in my bathroom. Oops. I have seriously dry skin and I love this stuff. The eco-friendly packaging, lightweight feel, and amazing smell make these a need."

    Get it from Papa Rozier Farms for $62

    3. A pack of Liquid Death sparkling water for anyone who prefers their daily hydration to be metaphorically tattooed and wearing a leather jacket.

    buzzfeed writer's black and gold cans of Liquid Death
    Mal Mower / BuzzFeed

    Mal says: "I received THREE separate boxes of Liquid Death for my birthday this year because I talk about this stuff so often, whether people want to listen or not. This is marketing genius, I'm a sucker for fun packaging, and the water is...TO DIE FOR. I also have/love...their merch. Love it."

    Get a 12-pack from Amazon for $19.99

    4. An ABC tattoo flash board book, because it's never too early to teach your little ones about being cool. 😎

    the cover of the ABC tattoo flash book
    Mal Mower / BuzzFeed

    EGracePhotos is a small business based in Indianapolis. 

    Mal says: "I found this on Etsy and immediately purchased it for my home. There is no kid in my home. Did I need an ABC board book? No. Did I need an ABC TATTOO board book? Yes. Yes I did. I have it on display in one of my decorative bookshelves and it looks equal parts daring and darling. I have an ~inkling~ you'll love it as much as I do."

    Get it from EGracePhotos on Etsy for $30

    On Mal's wishlist right now? Some macabre party pants, a yeehaw blanket, and a superbly queer art print.

    Next up are some of Jen's faves. I've loved every book she's ever recommended to me and *yes* I admit we have a group chat about Survivor. We are all so much more than our work, but I would be remiss not to mention that Jen's email inbox is the most organized I have ever beheld.

    jen on a hike

    5. A set of linen face masks, because masks are simply a part of out lives now, so they might as well be as comfortable and adorable as possible!

    buzzfeeder in a floral linen face mask
    Jen Tonti / BuzzFeed

    Type Of Fit: Elastic Ear Loops

    Pocket For Filter: No 

    Fabric Type: Linen with cotton lining

    Shipping Time: Will ship within 4–5 days (shipping is free)

    Jen says: "I've bought quite a few face masks this year and these have by far been the winner! They're handmade with two layers of pre-washed fabrics and come in a set of four, each one a different and adorable pattern. This floral one is my favorite because it pretty much goes with everything I own and more importantly matches my general ~aura~. The best part is that the maker really doesn't skimp on the fabric. This beauty covers me cheek to cheek and nose to chin without feeling restrictive or uncomfortable. You can't see my smile so you're just going to have to take my word for it — I'm super happy with this purchase."

    Get a set of four from alisewmamabags on Etsy for $30

    6. A pair of ballast earrings that make a statement anywhere, any time. Modern but not too minimalistic, you're gonna wanna wear these babes with everything. 

    buzzfeeder in silver earrings each with one chain learning to a silver rectangle and one chain leading to a circle
    Jen Tonti / BuzzFeed

    Grand Sans is a QPOC-owned business founded in Bed-Stuy in 2017. 

    Jen says: "These cool earrings are handmade in Brooklyn, New York by one of my favorite local artists and designers, Zoë Pulley. I got them back in March and even though there haven't been any events or nights out to show them off, I've still found a way to wear them ALL the time. I really can't recommend her work enough. Plus, if you end up grabbing a pair for yourself, you'll be supporting a small QPOC-owned business. Just a fair warning: prepare yourself for an influx of compliments!" 

    Get them from Gran Sans for $70

    7. A plant (or two! or ten!) from Bloomscape to cheer up your apartment and literally bring some new life to the place.

    buzzfeeder's windowsill with five potted plants on it and a large fiddle leaf fig on the ground

    8. A colorful backgammon set, because sometimes it just feels good to return to the classics. 

    buzzfeeder's mom in front of a colorful, modern backgammon board
    Jen Tonti / BuzzFeed

    Jen says: "This is my adorable mother. Don't let that smile fool you though — we are an extremely competitive family and just minutes after this photo was taken, she did three *very dramatic* victory laps around the kitchen counter. We've been lucky to spend most of 2020 quarantining together, so you can imagine there have been plenty of games and bragging rights to go around. For Christmas, I decided to splurge and buy her a classic Backgammon set but one that could also double as really beautiful house decor."

    Get it from the MoMA Design Store for $99

    On Jen's wishlist right now? Some stationary made by a real, live printing press, a tea subscription from a QPOC-owned biz, and some gorgeous fresh flowers.

    Now for some picks from Ali Faccenda whose aesthetic and 'fits are always on-point, and has an uncanny knack for uncovering trendy finds from small businesses and Amazon alike.

    ali posing and smiling

    9. 101 Essays That Will Change The Way You Think, because sometimes being able to flit about in a book and read one essay at a time is just what you need. A bedside staple. 

    the black and white book next to a copy of
    Ali Faccenda / BuzzFeed

    Ali says: "I started reading this book about a year ago and it's fabulous if you're someone who doesn't have a lot of time to devote to reading a novel where you need to remember an entire plot line (although I love those too). This is a great book to pick up and flip to a random page and read an essay that will make you feel something, whether it's advice, validating your feelings, or simply to help you gain a new perspective. My favorite thing currently is to flip through random pages until I randomly land on one and read that essay for some inspo or worldly advice."

    Get it from Amazon for $19.37 (and get the other book in Ali's photo Average is the New Awesome for $12.99 on Amazon or $16.99 on Bookshop). 

    10. A sweatshirt that's Bad News Bears. Just kidding, this cuddly mockneck arriving on your doorstep is gonna be the best news you've heard for a long time! 

    model in a cropped mockneck sweatshirt with an illustrated angry pink bear on it that says
    Just Peachy

    Ali says: "I saw an influencer I follow on Instagram recently purchase a teddy bear cross-body from this brand, which I also happened to snag as well, but saw this Bad News (Bears) sweater on their site that I HAD to have. I love things super oversized lately with a cute pair of high-waisted ripped jeans and since I say the phrase 'Oh, they're bad news bears' all the time, this sweater just beckoned for me to buy it." 

    Get it from Just Peachy for $40 (originally $50, available in sizes S–XXXL). 

    11. A pair of blue-light-blocking glasses that could help reduce the eyestrain you get from staring at your laptop all day, and will look darn great while doing so. 

    buzzfeed writer in large circular tortoise shell glasses
    Ali Faccenda / BuzzFeed

    Ali says: "I actually was served an ad for these blue-light glasses a few months ago and thought they were so cute and oversized. So naturally I popped over to their site and grabbed them. I loved them so much that I got a second pair of the same frames with my prescription. I get a ton of compliments on these, and let me say they are well worth the buy. Since the lenses are so large, you have such optimal viewing without more narrow frames getting in the way, and they've significantly help diminish the amount of headaches I get from looking at my computer screen."

    Get them from TIJN for $50 (available in six colors). 

    On Ali's wishlist right now? A lil' citrus-y candle, a chic handbag holder, a chill pill necklace, and a splurge-worthy Dyson Airwrap.

    Next up, some of Nusrat's faves! Nusrat is always recommending the coolest K-beauty products (like in this really informative oil cleanser review). I have also personally benefitted from her great taste in books — she was my office Secret Santa one year and got me a copy of Sadie, which I loved!

    Nusrat posing on a beach

    12. A pair of mismatched moon and heart earrings, because coordinating > being too matchy in my humble opinion!

    coordinating gold dangly earrings with light blue stones, one with a heart and one with a moon

    13. A custom personal library stamp so e-v-e-r-y-b-o-d-y knows exactly whose volumes they're borrowing. And an excuse to play library even as a grown-up? Heaven.

    the title page of the book "monstrous" stamped with "from the library of nusrat sultana" on it in red ink, and the stamp with a handle sitting on the page

    14. A Rifle Paper Co notebook set and desk pad to keep your time and thoughts beautifully organized. There's no such thing as too many notebooks.

    three illustrated floral notebooks and a desk pad titled "weekly list" with daily columns for planning

    15. A Cle Cosmetics cushion highlighter for adding buildable luminosity to your favorite features. It's also moisturizing, so prepare to glow, glow, glow.

    buzzfeed writer with the highlighter's compact and round sponge applicator

    On Nusrat's wishlist? Some scrumptious mochi ice cream, a BTS-tastic tee, a spooky spooky candle, and a unique serum/blush hybrid.

    And last but not least, some faves from Kristina Bornholtz, our newsletter editor whose style I envy *big time* every time we're on a video call together. Kristina start a Depop so I can buy everything from it challenge.

    kristina smiling in a bucket hat

    16. A bottle of Leo Oil for anyone who's looking for a holy grail acne treatment that doesn't also leave their skin feeling super dry. Formulated with meadowfoam, rosehip seed oil, and blue tansy, Leo Oil can help calm your skin's oil production, and help it overall find some balance. 

    small bottle of the oil with a peace sign on it
    Kristina Bornholtz / BuzzFeed

    Kristina says: "My skin has always been a struggle — it can be really hard to find a balance of products that take care of my acne and don't totally dry me out. Leo Oil has been a saving grace. It's made by Dena Smith (aka @leowithcancer on IG) a woman living with Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer, and packaged up with so much love from her home in LA. My skin loves the healing, hydrating, and anti-fungal properties of blue tansy, the main ingredient in this oil. And I love Dena and her outlook on life just as much!"

    Get it from Astrologiens for $46

    17. A trio of Fly By Jing sauces and spices so you can finally taste these cult-favorite Sichuan toppings for yourself! Containing classic Chili Crisp, sweet-yet-tangy Zhong Sauce, and Mala Spice Mix you'll wanna sprinkle on everything, with this set you've got all your bases covered. 

    buzzfeeder holding a jar of Mala Spice Mix
    Kristina Bornholtz / BuzzFeed

    All of the sauces are vegan! Hooray! Fly by Jing was founded by Jing Gao, globally-renowned expert on Chinese cuisine creating delicious products inspired by her hometown of Chengdu.

    Kristina says: "I'm a sucker for sauces and spices, and Fly by Jing has soared to the top of my pantry must-haves. Founded by Jing Gao, Fly By Jing is inspired by the flavors of her hometown of Chengdu, China. If you love Sichuan food (or any heat to your food *period*), you'll love this lineup. Pictured above is the Mala Spice Mix a savory-spicy powder that is truly good on everything from beef bowls to roasted cashews. My other favorites are the Zhong Sauce (great for marinading and dipping) and the Sichuan Chili Crisp (also good on everything, even ice cream). Go ahead and just buy the trio."

    Get it from Fly By Jing for $42 or Amazon for $45

    18. A green glass pitcher and matching tumblers, because nothing screams "I've made it," quite like an everyday luxury like this. Just so cool and casually classy.

    buzzfeeder's clear green class pitcher with a clear handle and two short, wide, green glasses

    19. A Nuuly clothing subscription so you can stay on-trend without kissing hundreds goodbye every month *or* resorting to only fast fashion. You'll get to choose six items per month to love as your own before sending them back to be loved by others. Sharing is caring, and hey, getting your new six items will soften the blow of sending the previous month's back!

    buzzfeeder posing in a while cardigan with black arm stripes
    five models in Nuuly clothing
    Kristina Bornholtz / BuzzFeed, Nuuly

    Kristina says: "I love infusing my wardrobe with new clothes as much as the next person, but in 2019, I made a vow to shop more sustainably/ethically. Enter Nuuly, a well-priced clothing rental service with lots of fun brands, from Lisa Says Gah to AGolde to Urban Outfitters. Each month, you get your choice of six items sent to you in a reusable nylon container — get your kicks, then put them back in the container and return it. I've used the service off-and-on for over a year now (you can skip months!), and in the pandemic, it's been a nice way to swap in fun sweaters to make me feel like a human again, like this comfy-cozy sweater pictured above."

    Get it from Nuuly for $88/month

    On Kristina's wishlist right now? A problem-solving necklace layering clasp, a ~wavy~ lamp, an upcycled sweater pill removing stone, and *gasp* a humongous Gudetama pillow!

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