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    27 Things From Target You Might Love If You Hate Leaving Your Home

    Comfy, homey, and helpful things to make staying in even sweeter. ❤️🏡

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A short plush robe for cozying up on nights when ya just wanna stay in. Lounging around after a shower in bed wrapped in your favorite robe? Heaven.

    model in a short white robe with long sleeves

    2. A bathtub caddy because keeping your bath soaps, oils, and other bath accessories within arms reach is a luxurious upgrade that will make your long, hot baths even better.

    The wire bathtub caddy in black

    3. A set of chic stoneware plates to make even the most basic at-home dining experience feel like you're eating at the hippest restaurant in town. Plating is everything, people.

    round green stoneware plates with short vertical walls

    4. A velvet floor pillow so you can ensure every single space in your home is ripe for rest, relaxation, and conversation — even the ground!

    two square floor pillows with corner tassels in yellow and orange

    5. A memory foam mattress pad if your bed is your sanctuary and your sole mission in life is to make it as cozy as humanly possible. This 20-inch thick pad is bound to help achieve this dream of yours *and* it's machine washable to boot!

    the white baffle construction mattress pad

    6. Some groovy, glittery under-eye masks infused with caffeine and diamond powder (!!) to help reduce eye bags if that's your goal. At-home spa night just got a lot more selfieworthy.

    model wearing the silver patterned undereye masks

    7. An oil diffuser to imbue your home with the scent of your favorite essential oils. Its cool cutouts and color-changing light are nice bonuses, too.

    a changing oil diffuser

    8. An air purifier with a HEPA filter to help keep your home's air as clean and fresh as possible. Its three-stage filtration system will help remove odors, allergens, dander, mold, and more.

    black cylindrical air purifier

    9. A spherical ice tray so you can skip the bar and make homemade cocktails, mocktails, or truly any beverage, a little more classy and fancy.

    grey silicone spherical ice tray with a lid that can make four ice balls

    10. A mid-century modern writing desk if your work from home setup is still a bit lacking. Welcome to your new workspace — have fun organizing, decorating, and really making it your own!

    dark wood writing desk with round legs, one large center drawer and two smaller side drawers

    11. A Mr. Coffee iced coffee maker because having a dedicated machine for your favorite form of coffee on hand instead of having to venture to the coffee shop is a must now that you know it's an option.

    The iced coffee maker in black

    12. Or if hot coffee drinks are more your speed, a DeLonghi espresso machine with a milk frother so you can craft your own lattes, cappuccinos, and other specialty coffees right from your kitchen. *Chef's kiss*

    The machine brewing espresso

    13. A roll of floral peel-and-stick wallpaper to make the space you love most really feel like your own (even if your landlord won't let you paint or put up "real" wallpaper).

    The dark blue, green, and magenta floral wallpaper on a wall

    14. A Marshall Bluetooth speaker that boasts over 20 hours of crystal clear playtime, so you can rock out around the house on something other than your tinny phone speakers. The fact it looks like a cute little guitar amp is just a bonus.

    the rectangular black and silver speaker with the marshall logo on the front and water on it to show its water-resistant capabilities

    15. A wireless printer so you don't have to venture all the way to work, school, or the library just to print something simple. This may sound like a boring purchase, but I have tasted the sweet nectar of having a working printer at home and feel compelled to pass on the lesson to you.

    white printer scanning and printing a photo

    16. A soft pajama set because there's almost no better feeling than donning a matching pajama set for a long day of nothing-on-the-calendar bliss.

    17. A shag area rug to add a dose of color to any room while also keeping your toesies warm. Win, win.

    the fuzzy patterned shag rug in warm colors

    18. A fiddle-leaf plant that's shhh... artificial! If you love having greenery around but are not the best at keeping flora alive, this will be your favorite little secret.

    small fake fiddle leaf plant in a white pot

    19. A string of outdoor LED Edison lights for turning your backyard into your own private wonderland.

    20. A fuzzy knit blanket with a ribbed border, because having a throw over basically every chair back is a must in my opinion, but hey, I run cold. Bonus: this baby is machine washable!

    fuzzy knit throw blanket in light blue

    21. A small stone resin tabletop fire pit so you can entertain outdoors with the best of them, even if you don't have a ton of yard space.

    the small fire pit full of lava rocks on an outside table

    22. A Roomba robot vacuum to effortlessly tidy up your home with just the touch of a button. Being home all the time with dirty floors is awful, but cleaning those floors is also awful — this should take care of both problems.

    a black robot vacuum cleaning under the legs of a chair

    23. A six-piece bath towel set because who couldn't use a towel upgrade, especially ones made of premium Turkish cotton? Not to mention your towel storage is about to look so much better with ones that match.

    The towel set in lilac in a bathroom

    24. A weighted blanket that could help you sleep a little sounder and relax a bit more. If you're comforted by warm squeezes and weight on you but haven't tried a weighted blanket, it may finally be time.

    grey weighted blanket on a chair

    25. An adjustable lap desk so you can go from working in bed practically laying down with your laptop on your stomach to working in bed with a 'lil desk. Growth!

    26. A peacock table lamp to shed light on your favorite reading nook you snuggle up in every night. Who wouldn't want a finely feathered reading buddy?

    table lamp with a peacock-shaped base and brown paper-like shade

    27. And a lemon-print comfort mat because staying home for meals, unfortunately, means doing a lot of dishes. This cheery mat will help keep your feet comfortable while scrub-a-dub-dubbing.

    the white mat printed with lemons

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