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    21 Products That Will Improve Your Shower Experience

    For anyone who's ever seen a rain shower head on HGTV and thought "I need that."

    1. A foot scrubber with a cleansing gel to exfoliate your whole dang foot and give yourself a lil' massage every time you shower.

    2. An anti-dandruff shampoo that'll make your shower experience much more restful since you won't have to glare at your shampoo bottle wondering if it's gonna give you The Dreaded Flakes.

    on the left a reviewer's scalp with a lot of dandruff, on the right the same scalp with no dandruff

    3. A linen bath sheet so even your drying off experience is a wonderful one. Linen everything, please!

    two dark grey linen bath sheets hangin on hooks

    4. A squeegee to keep your shower glass shiny, clean, and streak-free.

    hand holding squeegee

    5. And a glass and window cleaner that'll help your shower walls stay *extra* sparkly.

    spray bottle of rosemary citrus glass cleaner

    6. A waterproof note pad, because all of your brilliant shower thoughts deserve to be written down and preserved in their purest form.

    hand writing "no more great ideas down the drain" on notepad in shower

    7. A shower curtain so gorgeous you'll be honored to push it aside as you step into the bath.

    white shower curtain with irregular black dots forming a small diamond print

    8. A stainless-steel rainfall shower head that is honestly the height of luxury. Pencil "long shower" into your planner every morning for the foreseeable future.

    large silver shiny square shower head

    9. A shower and bath grip so you and any housemates or guests can confidently step into the bath over any high, slippery ledges.

    10. A TubShroom to catch all the stray hair that would normally get caught in your drain — no more snaking pesky blockages!

    on the left reviewer's white tubshroom in drain, on the right the same tubshroom covered in hair

    11. A fogless mirror you can hang in your shower so you can shave without guesswork *and* without leaving stubble in the sink.

    model shaving in mirror

    12. A product dispenser that'll make you feel like you're in a fancy hotel. Pressing these buttons is also just way easier than opening and closing a wet bottle — it's the small things.

    white dispenser with three buttons for products on shower wall

    13. A shower caddy so you can finally clear off your tub wall and store your products in a nice, reachable place.

    brown metallic over-shower-head rack with two racks and many hooks

    14. A memory foam bath mat that's WAY better than that small, crumpled-up towel you've been stepping out of the shower and onto all this time.

    feet on grey squishy bathmat

    15. A rust stain remover so you can feel free to lean against your own shower wall without having to jump back, remembering it's...pretty gross.

    on the left a reviewer's rusty shower, in the middle the shower during the cleaning process, on the right a clean white shower

    16. A waterproof Bluetooth speaker that'll turn every shower into the ultimate jam sesh, much to the dismay of your neighbors.

    round green speaker on shower wall

    17. A beverage caddy for wine glasses or cans so you can enjoy a nice little drink as you scrub-a-dub-dub.

    hand reaching for wine glass in clear suction cup bathtub holder

    18. A set of patterned shower caps so you don't have to get your hair wet before it's ready to be.

    four bright patterned shower caps

    19. A plush robe that'll make your transition from the shower back to the Real World warmer and cozier.

    20. A handheld shower head so you have full control over your shower experience. Especially helpful if you're not *quite* the right height for your current setup.

    model holding detachable shower head

    21. A shampoo scalp brush to give your head a little massage while also loosening pesky dandruff and buildup.

    reviewer holding teal silicone brush with soft massaging spikes on one side and a small handle on the other

    Enjoy your new and improved shower experience, everyone!

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