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17 Pieces Of Hiking, Camping, And Backpacking Gear I Think Would Make Great Gifts

Top-tier gear I've tried and recommend for backpackers, day hikers, campers, and anyone who seriously loves chillin' outdoors.

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1. A pair of Injinji sock liners that may look silly at first but will truly help keep their feet *so* much more comfortable while on-trail. They prevent blisters, wick moisture, and will give their toes their full range of motion so they can rock scramble with the best of 'em.

writer wearing light grey toe socks

2. A lightweight collapsible silicone mug so they don't have to drag around an awkwardly shaped mug or bowl on overnight hikes. It doesn't sound like it would be that much more convenient, but this one saves so much room, is easy to clean, and even has measurements on the inside!

3. A Sawyer Squeeze water filtration system that blows any other system out of the — say it with me — water. It's adaptable and easy to use in almost any situation. I've encountered some pretty sad excuses for water sources and have still been able to get liquid into the bag to be filtered and consumed.

4. A few backpacking meals so they can have a hearty, low-effort meal to refuel. Nothing like a bag of freeze-dried meat and sauce to put a smile on their face (but really, these are a real treat)!

5. And a long-handled spoon so when they have to reach deeeep down into backpacker food pouches, they don't get their hands covered in sauce. An ultralight fancy-schmancy spoon is one of those luxury items they might not admit to themselves they want, but it sure would make an awesome gift.

the long-handled spoon

6. A Sea to Summit roll-top dry sack...or two...or five, because the uses for these bad boys are pretty much limitless. Waterproofing all of your gear is a must, and popping your electronics, food, and clothes in a roll-top assures you they'll stay safe. I even use my dry sack full of clothes as a pillow on backpacking trips.

7. A tiny tube of Blister Balm that makes a fantastic stocking stuffer or add-on gift for the person in your life whose just can't find boots that agree with them. Even with shoes I do love, I always swipe some of this on to make doubly sure my feet stay A-OK.

8. A Nalgene so they always have a hydrating sidekick when they need one. Large, durable, and easy to clip to a carabiner, they're the perfect outdoor bottle. Regular Nalgenes are pretty light, but you could also go for an even lighter version for the more serious hiker.

9. The Deuce #2 — a lightweight trowel for digging cat holes, AKA, holes to poop in. This may seem like a gag gift, but hey, if they're out in the backwoods, nature is going to call at some point! And in my experience, using this trowel is preferable to using a stick or a beloved trekking pole to dig.

10. A BioLite headlamp so they never have to struggle with a flashlight while also focussing on night hiking, hanging a bear bag, running to the bathroom, or any other nighttime tasks. This one is super slim and unobtrusive and even tilts downward so they can have a flawless view of the steps ahead.

11. Some trekking poles, because I don't think I could ever fully express to you just how helpful they are when it comes to long, vertical hikes. They'll love these for the assistance going up and perhaps even more for the relief on their joints going down. Even on flat hikes, they help with rhythm, pacing, and all-around getting in the ~groove~.

12. A Goal Zero Flip 36 Power Bank so they can charge their devices no-problem — from their phones to navigation devices to headlamps, it's be a relief for them *and* you to know they won't have any essential electronics poop out on them without a backup battery.

writer holding pink power bank

13. A Kelty three-season mummy sleeping bag that's a superb entry-level bag for anyone looking to get more into long camping or backpacking trips. Its shape cuts unnecessary weight and its waterproof down filling gives you the best of both worlds when choosing between straight-up down or synthetic.

14. An Osprey Aura Backpacking Pack so they can hit the ol' dusty trail with everything they need in a supportive, cushioned pack that has all the special features they'll need, but not so many it weighs them down. With a suspended mesh back, plenty of pockets, and a comfortable hip belt, there's nothing I don't adore about this pack.

15. An ultralight titanium pot for whipping up quick little meals, using as a bowl, and boiling water in an emergency. I love having a pot on-trail, and this one is big enough to make two servings of a meal, and is well worth the weight in your bag at only 3.7 ounces, lid and all!

the writer's pot and lid sitting on a small lit camp stove

16. A Helinox ultralight chair, because after a long day of putting on the miles, the last thing anyone wants to do is perch on a rock. This seat weighs just over a pound, packs down super small, and is perfect for any outdoorsy person who hates to forgo comfort.

reviewer's dog next to short bucket seat chair

17. A Rumpl indoor/outdoor blanket whose smooth surface is waterproof and resistant to dirt, so there are no worries about exposing it to the elements. Perfect for their day hikes, picnics, and backyard hangs.

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