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    I Ranked The Best Blue-Haired Characters In Movies

    Gorgeous, gorgeous blue-haired people, holograms, and mermaids.

    13. Aquamarine — Aquamarine (2006)

    sara paxton as aquamarine with long blonde hair with small teal streaks

    12. Liv Lerner — Bride Wars (2009)

    kate hudeson as liv lerner in bride wars with blonde hair with bangs haphazardly dyed teal

    11. Kelly — Kelly & Cal (2014)

    juliette jewis as kelly in kelly & cal with long curled teal hair with a side part

    10. Joi — Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

    ana de armas as joi in blade runner 2049 with shoulder length solid blue hair with bangs

    9. Tibby — The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (2005)

    amber tamblyn as tibby in the sisterhood fo the traveling pants with long brown hair with blue streaks

    8. Brian Slade — Velvet Goldmine (1998)

    Jonathan Rhys-Myers as brian slade in velvet goldmine on stage in a silver jumpsuit with short blue hair and sideburns

    7. Stevo — SLC Punk! (1998)

    matthew lillard as stevo in slc punk with short spiky blue hair

    6. Bugs — The Matrix Resurrections (2021)

    jessica henwick as bugs in the matrix resurrections with short bright blue hair

    5. Winona — Pink Skies Ahead (2020)

    jessica barden as winona in pink skies ahead with long dark blue hair with dark roots and a side part

    4. Emma — Blue Is the Warmest Color (2013)

    Léa Seydoux as Emma in Blue is the warmest color with short wavy blue hair and dark roots

    3. Angela Childs — Kimi (2022)

    Zoë Kravitz as angela childs in kimi with a very short blue bob with bangs

    2. Ramona Flowers — Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World (2010)

    mary elizabeth winstead as Ramona flowers in scott pilgrim vs. the world with dark blue hair with dark brown by the nape of her neck and who longer strands of blue hair framing her face

    1. Clementine Kruczynski — Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

    kate winslet as Clementine Kruczynski in eternal sunshine fo the spotless mind with stringy blue hair with blonde roots pulled half up

    Honorable mention: Enid Coleslaw — Ghost World (2001)

    thora burch as enid in ghost world with a dark blue chin-length bob

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