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26 Statement Accessories Under $25 You Need For Festival Season

This just in: you don't have to spend as much $$$ on an amazing festival look as you did on tickets.

1. A classic flower crown so you can finally complete the iconic festival look you've been waiting your entire life to don.

2. Fringey statement earrings that, even among the hordes of music devotees, will be the biggest fan at the fest.

3. Sequin sneakers because honestly, if you're not going to let your feet sparkle and shine all weekend, what's the point of even going?

4. A holographic fanny pack or "hip bag" if the phrase "fanny pack" still makes you shiver. Well, great news, these are cool as hell now and are an incredible way to store all of your fest must-haves...hands-free.

5. A pair of mirrored aviators for looking like an Instagram filter that's come to life.

6. A dad hat that, although kind of basic, can really complete a kick-ass outfit. Opt for the denim style for maximum dad-ness.

7. Beaded tassel earrings big enough to make an outfit, but lightweight enough to wear all day long.

8. A floral chiffon shawl to trail behind you in the breeze, making every photo effortlessly dreamy af.

9. A quartz hair comb that will complete your ~enchanting~ ensemble and make your frizzed-out festival mane look purposeful.

10. Patterned mesh socks to add a geometric *edge* to all of the outfits you have planned.

11. Rainbow platform sandals that —aside from looking freaking fantastic — will keep your feet nice and cool and lift them out of the desert dust.

12. A ten-inch mini backpack for storing everything you'll need throughout the day and communicating what you're really at the fest for: all the great food.

13. A bright beaded necklace so you always feel sunny, even if you get stuck with a few cloudy days.

14. A silver statement necklace because you may not be the one onstage, but your look sure has a lot to say.

15. An adjustable fedora so you can keep the sun out of your eyes while making sure your selfies are on point.

16. A pack of hair rings for adding a little shine to your signature summer braids.

17. A pair of flame sunglasses that are — in a word — fire.

18. A vintage silky scarf to prove that you WOULD have been at the first Woodstock...if you had been alive.

19. A faux-leather fringe belt that can only be worn by a TRUE festival die-hard. I'm pretty sure this magical piece won't even fasten to your waist if you don't have music in your heart, so feel honored when it does.

20. A gold body chain and necklace combo because this is your weekend. You deserve to have gold literally dripping from your body.

21. A gold necklace and shoulder chain that's like festival ARMOR. Pop this on to be instantly shielded from bad vibes.

22. Water-print crew socks to make you look like a refreshing mirage in the middle of the desert.

23. A lightweight wrap you can use as a lovely finishing piece for your outfit *or* as a little blanket for when you need a good old-fashioned fest nap.

24. A four-pack of beaded bracelets because the biggest party happening here is actually on your arm.

25. A gold coin fringe necklace so your friends can never lose you. You will shine so bright and make so many little *clink* noises, they'll always know just where you are.

26. A choker with velvet tassels that says one thing and one thing only: "I'm here to dance my ass off."

Everyone, stunned when they see the amazing festival looks you're posting on Instagram:

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