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    28 Affordable Things From Wayfair That’ll Update Every Part Of Your House

    Because why spend tons of $$$ when you can save?

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A glass coffee table with a simple, understated design that will instantly modernize any room.

    Reviewer's picture of the glass table
    Wayfair Customer / Wayfair

    Promising review: "Loving this coffee table! Perfect size for my living room and it was easy to assemble. If you’re going for a clean minimal look I would say go for it!" —Wayfair Reviewer

    Price: $214.99 (originally $399.99)

    2. A Staub cast-iron round Dutch oven for cooking and baking all of your favorite hearty meals and baked goods. Think stews, roasts, soups, casseroles, breads, and more — the possibilities are endless!


    Promising review: "I bought this in gray and I love it. It's the perfect size for everyday cooking. I brown meat in it, make veggies, stews, soups, etc. I have a larger one and always go back to this. It cleans like a dream. Great purchase." —Elizabeth

    Price: $299.95 (originally $414; available in nine colors)

    3. A wooden TV stand with two large cabinets and cable management cutouts for providing tons of storage in any room. Hide cable wires, store movies, and display books to help make your room look super neat.

    the tv stand in gray

    Promising review: "Super easy to put together! Looks exactly like the pictures and pretty TV stand." —Payton

    Price:$252.99 (originally $284.99)

    4. A Keurig coffee maker for making coffee, tea, hot cocoa, or iced beverages in the comfort of your own home while wearing your pajamas. All you need to do is push a button for your necessary daily dose of caffeine.

    the coffee maker on a counter

    Promising review: "Love this so much! Especially working 100% from home during the pandemic. Our family uses this a ton throughout the day! We've had it for about four months and it's just wonderful!!" —Douglas

    Price: $129.99 (available in five colors)

    5. A desk chair to make working from home as comfortable as possible. This chair is equipped with great lumbar support so that your back won't ache from sitting down after, oh, about five seconds.

    the chair in black with chrome detailing

    Promising review: "Very comfy. Surprisingly comfortable for the price point. Very good chair. Easy to assemble. Very sturdy and high quality." —Ellen

    Price: $111.99 (originally $323; available in six colors)

    6. A five-light drum chandelier with a cluster of adjustable arms to add a unique contemporary focal point to your dining room. It's truly unique and will 100% be a discussion piece. Plus, it's dimmable so you can really change the lighting mood for date night, family dinner, etc.

    the chandelier in bronze

    Promising review: "One of the coolest lights. Great design for mixing room. Can move and shape bars to create different heights." —Ed

    Price: $294.99 (originally $807; available in two colors)

    7. A double cereal dispenser that dispense cereal, legumes, nuts, and more in a breeze. The pre-portioned sizes make it perfect for kids to serve themselves.

    the cereal dispenser filled with cereal

    Price: $33.99 (originally $40.99; available in four colors)

    8. A faux fur shag rug to keep your feet from getting cold on hardwood floors. It works with a variety of decor and is stain-resistant so it's super easy to place in any room.

    the rug in gray in a living room

    Promising review: "Soft, beautiful, and worth the price. Love it"—Manal

    Price: $115.99 (originally $244.99; available in four colors and in six sizes)

    9. A Nespresso Verturo espresso and coffee machine so you can have a fresh cup of coffee or espresso at any time. As someone who uses this machine every day, I can personally attest to how easy it is to use and how delicious the coffee is. Also, it comes with a milk frother to instantly upgrade your morning cup of joe.

    the coffee machine in piano black

    Promising review: "Gourmet coffee at home! This coffee is better than anything you can get at Starbucks and cost a lot less $$!! I love the sleek look of this machine and how simple it is to use. Also, the box of assorted coffees that come with it is amazing!!" —Korey

    Price: $249.99 (available in three colors)

    10. An outdoor concrete fire pit for sitting around the fire underneath blankets on chilly winter nights. It's perfect since we're spending so much time at home and can be used in the summer, fall, and spring too. BTW, the experience is way better if you add in some homemade s'mores.

    the fire pit in white concrete

    Promising review: "Love it! It’s perfect on our patio, provides warmth and looks great at the same time!" —Michele

    Price: $296.99 (originally $319.99)

    11. A sleek table lamp to add a subtle amount of light to your den or living room. Its contemporary style will make the perfect addition to your cozy nights lounging on the couch.

    table lamp in brass

    Promising review: "Love them. Well made, perfect height bedroom nightstand lamps." —Rose Ann

    Price: $184.99 (originally $382; available in two colors)

    12. A rustic wood coffee table with a rectangular top and geometric steel frame that'll make the perfect perch for your plants, remote controls, cup of coffee, or glass of wine.

    the coffee table in a living room

    Promising review: "This table was perfect for a small office seating area. The top is solid wood and it is very easy to assemble." —Gladys

    Price: $187.99 (originally $213.99)

    13. A full-length mirror for checking out all of your super chic WFH OOTDs. The sweat pant combinations are truly ~endless~. Seriously though, just because you're home doesn't mean you can't look cute!

    The floor length mirror

    Promising review: "My favorite product from Wayfair so far! I’ve been looking for a full-length mirror and I'm really glad I picked this one! Very durable the stand is great as well!" —Sam

    Price: $179.99 (originally $223.99; available in five colors)

    14. A club chair with a U-shaped frame that'll make the perfect addition to your reading nook. Add a glass of wine, a yummy-smelling candle, and you're all set to unwind after a long day working from home.

    Reviewer's picture of the cream colored fabric arm chair
    Jordyn / Wayfair

    Promising review: "Super cute chair! Perfect reading nook!" —Wayfair Reviewer

    Price: $259.99 (originally $245.99; available in eight colors)

    15. A velvet armchair so regal, you'll feel like royalty when you sit in it. Its unique seashell shape is unlike anything I've ever seen and the decor possibilities are truly endless. Seriously though, it's so chic!

    Reviewer's picture of the seashell-backed chair in pink
    Michele / Wayfair

    Promising review: "These are exactly what I was hoping for. Super comfortable, easy to put together and gorgeous! 1010 would recommend." —Isabella

    Price: $189.99 (originally $399.99; available in seven colors)

    16. A 16-piece dinnerware set with a textured design for upgrading your family dinner tablescape. The color and design will make a statement without being overbearing.

    the dinnerware in blue

    Promising review: "I LOVE this set of dinnerware. They are absolutely beautiful. I added gold flatware and am now on the hunt for matching glassware and napkins. I have had two different people ask me where I got them already and I have only had them for a couple of days." —Kat

    Price: $64.99 (available in two colors)

    17. A toaster oven that can easily toast, bake, or broil any breakfast food to perfection. Think pancakes, toast, waffles, biscuits, and more. Plus, it can easily be switched from a toaster to an oven with a slide of a lever. Don't worry — you can use it for lunch or dinner foods, too!

    the toaster oven with bread coming out the top

    Promising review: "This is a great combination of oven/toaster! It is easy to use and helps save space in the small kitchen we have." —Martena

    Price: $79.99

    18. An eight-drawer double dresser for adding some much-needed storage to your bedroom or guestroom. It can easily be used for clothing, bedding, extra blankets, and more.

    the drawers in white

    Promising review: "Love this dresser! I was able to downsize my bedroom suit so I have more room in my bedroom. I put this dresser in a walk in closet. It looks great and is highly functional! This dresser is heavy and great quality. I will be ordering another one for my son’s room! Thank you Wayfair! Great product!" —Jennifer

    Price: $249.99 (originally $269; available in three colors)

    19. A floral multicolor rug that adds a beautiful pop of bright color to any indoor or outdoor area. The vibrant floral print can really take any space to the next level.

    the rug in multicolor

    Promising review: "I wasn't prepared for how beautiful this carpet was. I literally caught my breath when I rolled it out on my back deck. Great quality, high/low weave, very well done." —Elijah

    Price: $44.99 (originally $119; available in six colors)

    20. A writing desk with two drawers, gold accents, and an X-shaped base to make your office into a place you ~actually~ want to work. It's both stylish and sleek while adding a touch of sophistication to your office space. Warning: you will probably become more productive when using this desk.

    the desk with a black top and gold bottom

    Promising review: "Quality is outstanding. Assembly and instructions was simple, less than 30 minutes. The drawers slides are smooth and provide plenty of space. One of my favorite purchases from Wayfair!" —Chester

    Price: $259.99 (originally $322.50)

    21. A tufted upholstered bed frame for making your bedroom feel and look more luxurious. It'll instantly add a touch of elegance to your current mattress. And! It has a handy hidden compartment in the back.

    the bed frame in gray

    Promising review: "LOVE my new bed!! the quality is great and the color is even prettier than I pictured it to be." —Angie

    Price: $172.99 (available in three colors)

    22. A mirror with lights around it, three adjustable light settings, and USB charging ports on the side to make makeup application or shaving easy as can be. Using this mirror might even inspire you try new looks or techniques.

    the mirror with lights

    Promising review: "Beautiful touch to my vanity! Love it so much, and love how it has a usb charging port." —Wayfair Reviewer

    Price: $162.99 (available in three sizes)

    23. A temperature-regulating mattress pad to make your bed into a warm and cozy sanctuary. Doesn't that sound perfect on a cold winter night?

    the mattress cover on a bed

    Promising review: "The best purchase I have ever made!! Everyone needs one of these. It makes my bed feel luxurious and its a treat to slide under the covers!" —Shonna

    Price: $28.99 (available in five sizes)

    24. A set of floating shelves so you can finally have a place to display your collection of succulents. Plus, you can also use them to display your favorite books and trinkets.

    Reviewer's picture of the two wooden shelves in their kitchen
    Stephanie / Wayfair

    Price: $53.99 (available in four colors)

    25. A set of blackout curtains to make sleeping in just a little bit easier. When purchasing these, make sure you have a good alarm clock handy because, if not, you'll probably end up missing your morning meetings. Yes, people say they are that good.

    Elizabeth / Wayfair, Cheryl / Wayfair

    Promising review: "I absolutely love these curtains! Excellent quality and they look wonderful. It's a plus that they are blackout and thermal. Very pleased with this purchase." —Marcia

    Price: $34.51 (originally $46.92; available in 30 colors and seven sizes)

    26. An essential oil diffuser that'll instantly transform your space into a relaxing oasis after a long day. The calming scent of lavender is an essential for unwinding after a stressful day.

    Reviewer's picture of the diffuser letting out steam
    Barby / Wayfair

    Price: $33.97

    27. A grill gazebo so you'll never have to hear complaints from your S.O. about being too hot while grilling in the summer. It will keep *both* the sun and the rain out, so no more grilling excuses.

    the grill gazebo with a grill underneath it

    Promising review: "Very sturdy and was a breeze to put together. It handled 7 inches of snow and I was able to use my smoker without me or the smoker being affected." —Wayfair Reviewer

    Price: $122.99

    28. A quilt set that you can reverse when you feel your room needs a little upgrade. Bonus: it's also super soft.

    the quilt set in gray

    Promising review: "Was initially concerned that the quilt might be too lightweight for current use. It actually turned out to be perfect in every way! Love the weight, color, fabric, and quilting pattern. It is just so comfortable! I am totally pleased and couldn't be happier with this purchase." —Sharon

    Price: $47.99 (originally $59.99; available in two colors and three sizes)

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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