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    31 Things From Target That You'll Be Glad You Bought When You Start Traveling Again

    Anything to make your future adventures a bit easier.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A set of five zip-up packing cubes for keeping your suitcase neat and tidy. Organize by outfit, category, or style to make the most of your limited packing space.

    the cubes in blue inside of a suitcase

    2. A digital luggage scale to ensure that your overpacking doesn't get out of hand. With this, you can weigh your luggage at home or anywhere else, so you can avoid those tricky baggage fees.

    the scale weighing a piece of luggage

    3. A toiletry bag for storing all your necessary skincare products, makeup, and bathroom essentials. It has a built-in hanger and zip-up compartments, so you can hang it up, instead of having to find extra counter-space for all of your stuff. And thanks to its compact size, it'll fit seamlessly in a carry-on *or* oversized luggage.

    the bag filled with toiletries

    4. A memory foam travel pillow that'll help you catch some ZZZs on all your future flights. Just close your eyes and before you know it, you'll be at your destination.

    the pillow in red

    5. A 12-piece Johnson & Johnson first-aid kit, so your trip can go as smoothly as possible without any minor hiccups derailing your adventures. Band-Aids? Antiseptic wipes? You got it all.

    the first aid case

    6. A 40 oz S'well stainless-steel water bottle because staying hydrated on your flight, trip, or car ride is almost as important as getting to your destination.

    a person holding the swell bottle in their hand

    7. A pack of three compression socks to keep your legs and ankles from swelling up mid-flight.

    the set of three pairs of compression socks

    8. A pair of Sony noise-cancelling headphones so you can rest easy your entire flight, without worrying about crying babies or annoying fellow passengers.

    the headphones

    9. A portable steamer that'll ensure all your business-related attire stays wrinkle-free during your travels. When you land, just hang your clothing and steam away any wrinkles in your room.

    a person using the steamer to steam a blouse

    10. A backpack with a designated laptop pocket and tons of space to bring along ~all~ those in-flight essentials. Snacks? Laptop? Headphones? It's got you covered.

    the backpack

    11. A TSA-approved spinner carry-on suitcase that can be maneuvered through a busy airport and placed in the overhead bins with ease. Also: it's super sturdy and durable, too.

    the suitcase in green

    12. A Canon Powershot digital camera to document all the memories you create on your travels. A picture is worth a thousand words — and a picture with a higher resolution than any photo you can take on your phone is worth a few more, too.

    the camra

    13. A travel-sized lint roller that you can grab at a moment's notice to touch up your outfit. It'll be great for when you're hopping off the plane to go straight into meetings on your work trip.

    the lint roller

    14. A wall charger with multiple USB ports in case your travels include being stuck in a hotel with only *one* outlet.

    the charger with usb ports

    15. A mini 3-oz bottle of Sun Bum Face Lotion with SPF 50 because sunscreen should always be on your packing list. Thanks to its TSA-approved size, you can throw this into your carry-on or backpack for on-the-go application.

    the suncreen

    16. A UV phone sanitizer to remove any and all of those airport germs on your devices while traveling. Trust us, airports are *super* gross. Plus, it has light and audio reminders to let you know when your sanitizing cycle is finished.

    the phone sanitizer with a person putting a phone into it

    17. A travel convertor set because there is NOTHING worse than traveling all the way overseas, only to realize you can't plug in a single one of your cords.

    the converter set

    18. A Tile tracker starter pack that you can attach to your wallet or other important items, to make sure you never lose track of them — any item with Tile tracker attached to it can be found on the Tile app, so you can literally see where your stuff is at all times.

    the tile on a set of keys

    19. A portable charger so you can rest assured knowing your devices will be charged at all times while you travel. Just charge it the night before for hours of battery life.

    the charger

    20. A set of 14 sheet masks to keep your skin hydrated and dewy on long flights or car rides. The air on the plane can seriously dry your skin out, so these are a necessity.

    the set of sheet masks

    21. A camp blanket for those weekends spent down by the shore. Just because you didn't hop on a plane doesn't mean you didn't travel! A built-in hook and loop closure makes it easy to carry at the end of the day.

    two kids sitting on the blanket on the beach

    22. A comfy sweatshirt because airplanes are ALWAYS freezing. With this, you'll stay warm and cozy your entire journey.

    the sweatshirt on a model in dark gray

    23. A tablet holder pillow for propping up your kiddie's iPad or tablet to stream their favorite pre-downloaded Netflix movies and shows. It'll keep them quiet and entertained the entire flight.

    the pillow with an Ipad propped in it

    24. A Colgate toothbrush with removal brush heads so instead of worrying about your brush head getting all gross, while you travel, you can easily remove it, and throw it in a separate bag or replace it with a new head at your destination.

    the toothbrush in silver

    25. A pack of Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patches to heal post-flight maskne. Pop on one of these overnight and let the magic happen.

    the acne patches

    26. A NYX waterproof mascara that will be a lifesaver if you're about to head to a tropical location. Mascara streaming down your face is *not* what you want your vacation photos to document.

    the NYX mascara

    27. A pack of 12 soft scrunchies to keep your hair up and out of your face during your travels. Running through airports can be exhausting, so at least you avoid worrying about your hair being in your face while you do it.

    the pack of scrunchies

    28. A cushioned sleep mask that's perfect for dozing off on those transatlantic or domestic flights and fits to your eyes to block extra light. It's a serious travel game-changer, OK?

    the back of the sleep mask

    29. A straw sun visor because protecting our faces from the sun at all times is a very important task, even on vacation. Did we also mention that it'll give you refuge from the hot, vacation spot sun?

    the hat

    30. A faux fur-lined laptop case to keep your most important piece of technology safe from any damage — especially key if you're heading on a little trip for work.

    the laptop case with a laptop inside

    31. An iPhone screen protector in case you happen to drop your phone (or in case you happen to drop your phone often). This will prevent cracking, breaking, or damaging the screen (which would be a total pain to fix while on vacation).

    the screen protector

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