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    31 Products From Target That Are Especially Great For Curly Hair

    Count on these for all your curly hair needs.

    1. A Wakati detangling conditioner specifically created for textured and curly hair types. It'll smooth out tangles and ensure your strands stay moisturized from root to tip. We *love* a product that actually shows results.

    A woman holding a bottle of detangling conditioner

    2. A curling custard that hydrates all curly hair types while providing a soft, not flaky sculpt. Your already amazing curls just got a serious upgrade.

    The product jar

    3. A Curl Dynasty leave in treatment with a dual usage by functioning as a leave-in AND a styler. Not to mention that the formula makes detangling as easy as can be.

    The product pump bottle

    4. A hair growth oil that'll help your hair grow super quickly. Designed with curly and textured strands in mind, its MVP ingredient — blueberry extract — strengthens, hydrates, and prevents damage, too. Your hair care game just majorly improved.

    A bottle of hair oil

    5. A curl primer crafted for use on curly and textured hair types. With a delicious tropical scent and ingredients meant to keep your strands in tip-top shape, it'll ensure your mane is ready to endure any and all styling your heat tools bring. Plus, this two-for-one also combats unruly frizz!

    A tube of cream-gel curl primer with cut coconuts

    6. A creamy mousse because limp and frizzy spirals are something you shouldn't have to worry about. This cream-meets-mousse enhances and de-frizz curls in a jiffy. And, it'll provide your mane with loads of hydration and hold — without the gross crunchy feel.

    A bottle of creamy mousse and hair mist

    7. A SheaMoisture conditioning foam to remedy flyaways and curls that need a little extra oomph. Just pump this mousse onto damp hair, air dry (or sit under a hair dryer), style and let it work it's magic.

    A bottle of hair foam

    8. A curl-enhancing spray that works wonders in smoothing, conditioning, moisturizing, and adding instant shine to curls. It'll be your new styling partner-in-crime!

    A bottle of curl enhancing spray

    9. An avocado hair milk so you can finally immerse your curls into moisture that'll actually last. Did we also mention that it contains avocado and lavender to give your hair some TLC with every single use?

    A bottle of hair moisturizer

    10. A Sun Bum conditioner for adding tons of shine, smoothness, and definition to all wavy and curly hair types. Say hello to your picture-perfect ringlets!

    the shampoo and conditioner

    11. A SheaMoisture curl smoothie to help detangle all those stubborn and not-so-stubborn knots from your curls. It uses a mixture of organic coconut oil and shea butter to make the detangling process super simple.

    the curl collection

    12. A Garnier curl spray to create unique spirals sans stickiness or crunchiness. And, you can spray it on so there's no need to get gel all over the place.

    the curl shape defining gel

    13. A Pacifica curl conditioner for keeping your curls full of bounce and definition. It'll condition and reduce frizz without weighing down your hair.

    the conditioner

    14. An Ogx curl shampoo so you can drench your curls with tons of moisture and shine. Thanks to coconut oil, sweet honey, and citrus oil in its formula, it'll surely give you bouncy, beautiful curls every time.

    the curl shampoo

    15. A Garnier butter cream that'll replenish ~all~ the moisture that you never knew your hair was missing — but definitely need. Be prepared for soft, hydrated, and healthy curls.

    the cream being poured into someones hands

    16. An ultra-hydrating cowash for cleansing without removing the much-needed moisture from your curls like other shampoos. Thanks to its ultra-hydrating formula, it'll leave curls in A++ shape while removing any and all build-up or stripping away any oils.

    the shampoo

    17. A Pattern leave-in conditioner that adds ~tons~ of moisture and hydration. It'll ensure the moisture stays sealed in *and* it works great under any styling products as well.

    the leave in conditioner

    18. A curl reactivator to reduce frizz, deeply hydrate, and provide a light hold to keep curls looking fabulous. Bonus: it also works on all curly hair types and has UV filters in its formula to protect against any drying from the sun. Spray any time your curls need a little boost.

    the curl reactivator

    19. An Ouai curl creme for defining your natural curl texture. Its star ingredients — chia, linseed, coconut, and babassu oils — shape curls, control frizz, seal damaged cuticles, hydrate, and more.

    the curl cream

    20. A mending hair milk that nourishes hair while adding a major dose of moisture and shine. Seriously, it's everything you could need.

    the mending milk

    21. An air dry cream to make hair, soft, smooth, and shiny while enhancing your already beautiful waves. Use it as a leave in-conditioner or before you heat style.

    the weightless air dry cream

    22. A hydrating hair mask for infusing curls some much needed hydration when they need some TLC. Apply this for three minutes or more and watch it work its sorcery.

    the hydrating mask

    23. A hair serum that softens, smoothes, and protects hair against moisture loss. The result? Your best curls yet.

    the hair oil

    24. An ultra light curl defining cream to define curls by adding subtle volume and shine. It's a dream curl cream for waves and curls.

    the curl cream

    25. A sea salt spray crafted to help you the perfect bouncy, beachy summer waves all year round (yes, you read that correctly!). This essential will spice up your mane and work with all hair types — including curls!!

    A set of sea salt spray bottles

    26. A curling custard that's jam-packed with hair moisture-loving ingredients that work to combat frizz, hydrate, and keep your spirals in mint condition. Incredible curls are loading!

    A jar of curl cream

    27. A bottle of L'Oréal wonder water treatment for instantly smoothing damaged wavy, curly, or coily hair. It needs *only* EIGHT seconds to work so, as you can imagine, we're super excited!

    A few bottles of hair treatment

    28. A Garnier styling mousse that allows you to create salon-quality curls — without the use of any heat tools. Work evenly through slightly damp hair and create ringlet curls by wrapping the hair around finger. Let it air-dry or blow dry with a diffuser and you got yourself some swoon-worthy curls.

    A green can of hair mousse

    29. A deeply hydrating co-wash so you can properly cleanse and moisturize textured strands without the long routine that typically comes on wash day. Prepare to have super soft, manageable hair.

    A gold bottle of cleansing conditioner

    30. A Carol's Daughter jelly to cream conditioner that instantly gives your strands a much-needed boost of rejuvenation while conditioning from the roots to ends and minimizing tangles.

    A jar of conditioner surrounded by rose petals

    31. A textured hair mousse that'll keep your mane looking perfect all day long, thanks to it's dual action powers. Serve up defined curls or keep your strands straight, if you prefer.

    A bottle of hair mousse

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