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23 Signs You Attended Kent State

Chances are if you didn’t personally do or think any of these things, then you know or saw someone who has. #GoFlashes

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4. Chalking was the best form of advertisement... / Via Instagram: @bsrkent

...because it's hard to ignore something you walk across daily.

5. But rocks were pretty cool too.

KSUAthletics / Via Twitter: @KSUAthletics

Painting the one on front campus and seeing how long it lasted until the next group of people got to it was part of the fun, but it is also often used in remembrance of students gone too soon.

6. You participated in or witnessed a protest or petition of some sort...

Via Twitter: @WBCSays

…about everything from rising tuition to legalization of weed, and even had one of the most infamous protesters of all time threaten to storm your campus just to tweet horribly Photoshopped photos instead (as seen above). It was clear your fellow students (and maybe you) had no problem voicing your opinions or counter protesting.

7. May 4: for some, it’s Star Wars Day, but for Kent, it’s a day to remember the tragic event that took place in 1970.

John Filo / Via

It’s also more than likely the only thing your school will ever be nationally known for (other than black squirrels), and you’ve visited the memorial site on campus (by choice or for a class assignment).

15. You have received one (or more) parking tickets… / Via Instagram: @rachelcmpbll

…and have Parking Services least visited locations on lock for those days you're running late to class.

19. Any day of the week can be given a name to make drinking okay (#ThirstyThursday), and sometimes they repeat annually…


...such as Drinkin’ on Lincoln and College Fest (R.I.P.) or the usuals--St. Patrick's Day and Cinco de Mayo--just to name a few.

Plus, we all know 21st birthdays will inevitably be spent in a bar despite the day of the week... / Via Instagram: @kmorosch

...and more than likely required a spin of Ray's Place's free shot wheel.

20. You’ve consumed liquor out of something other than a real glass… / Via Instagram: @rachelcmpbll

…like a fishbowl from Brewhouse or Water Street Tavern.

22. An already awesome downtown was made infinitely better with yarnbombing... / Via Instagram: @according2kat

…because Yarnigami is the best and definitely one of the "most intriguing."

What aspect of Kent is missing its voice?

No one can experience it all, so leave your own memories in the comments!

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