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13 Times Amazon Dash Failed So Hard It Won

I can't tell if these are the worst or the best...

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Have y'all heard of Amazon Dash? Basically, they're little buttons connected to Wi-Fi that let you order specific products with one touch.


(It still takes two days for your Prime order to come, so I feel bad for whoever is sitting on the toilet waiting for their Dash refill.)

They basically seem like magic. I want to press one just so that I can get something instantly delivered and feel like a goddess. / Via GIPHY

Let's be real: If I had a magic lamp, I'd probably use up all my wishes on instant bottles of coconut water or on-demand Q-tips.


To be clear, we aren’t actually recommending you buy any of these products. But just so you know, if you do buy anything, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.