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Hey, Have You Ever Heard Of Blueberry Pie Or Nah?

Wait, hear me out on this one...

Pie is a beloved baked good and dessert staple in these United States.

But that's where the buck stops: apple pie. Turns out, there are entire parts of this country where people have never heard* of blueberry pie.

The first person to point this out was a coworker from Houston, Texas, and I confirmed this in a follow-up.

Just when I thought this may have been a fluke since my North Carolinian coworker had heard of it but, there was a breakthrough:

My coworker from Kentucky was still stumped...

And then someone from Illinois chimed in! This went beyond the South!

If you've grown up with blueberry pie, I know what you're thinking: Even if someone *hasn't heard of blueberry pie* surely they understand the concept of a pie being filled with blueberries, right?