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    24 Swoon-Worthy Desserts You Should Make This Holiday Season

    Bring on the pumpkin, cinnamon, and apples. Just try not to crave a warm fire, blankets, and some baked goods when you're done reading this.

    1. Pumpkin Crumb Cake / Via

    Powdered sugar never looked so good. Recipe here.

    2. Mini Bourbon Pecan Pies / Via

    Yup, those have Bourbon in them.^ Recipe here.

    3. Apple Pie Baked Apples / Via

    Too cute for words. Recipe here.

    4. Pumpkin Rose Cookies / Via

    ...filled with caramel cream cheese frosting. Yes please! Recipe here.

    5. Cinnamon Apple Butter Cake

    6. Pumpkin Pecan Cinnamon Sugar Pull Apart Bread / Via

    Gooey, cinnamon-y, pumpkin goodness. Get the recipe here.

    7. Apple, Pear, & Cranberry Crumble / Via

    Tart, sweet, and delicious. Get the recipe here.

    8. Pumpkin Bread Pudding Mug Cake / Via

    This literally takes less than 5 minutes to make. Recipe here.

    9. Sweet Potato Chocolate Hazelnut Cake

    10. Pumpkin Chocolate Cheesecake Bars / Via

    Get the recipe here.

    11. Salted Caramel and Chocolate Pecan Pie Bars / Via

    Salted caramel and chocolate make everything better. Get the recipe here.

    12. Pumpkin Cream Pie Cookie Cups

    13. Caramel Apple Crumble / Via

    This one's gluten-free too! Recipe here.

    14. Sweet Potato Pie Cupcakes / Via

    With marshmallow frosting. Recipe here.

    15. Apple Fritter Bites / Via

    Oooooooh, yeah. Get the recipe.

    16. Pumpkin Angel Food Cake

    17. Maple Pecan Banana Bread

    18. Cranberry Rhubarb Cobbler

    19. Pecan Pie Pumpkin Cupcakes / Via

    With pecan pie filling and cream cheese frosting. Omg, yes please. Recipe here.

    20. Caramel Apple Galettes

    21. Pumpkin Tres Leches Cake

    22. Caramel Apple Self-Saucing Pudding Cake / Via

    Self-saucing? Sounds good! Get the recipe.

    23. Salted Caramel Doughnuts / Via

    Oh yes. Recipe here.

    24. Apple Cinnamon Blondies / Via

    It's like an apple pie that you can carry around! Get the recipe here.

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