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Kendall Jenner Has FINALLY Addressed Her "Blatantly Disrespectful" Wedding Guest Dress

Apparently she asked the bride for permission to wear it in advance, so...

You probably remember the kerfuffle around THAT cutout dress Kendall Jenner wore to her friend Lauren Perez's wedding last fall.

It did not go over well on social media. One person called it "blatantly disrespectful to the bride." (Among many other comments that included words like "cringe" and "inappropriate.")

Commenters on TikTok said Kendall looked good (of course) but that the dress lacked "class" for a formal affair.

Well, the bride herself recently entered the chat, posting some snaps from her wedding on Instagram and telling a commenter: "[KENDALL] LOOKED STUNNING AND I LOVED IT!"

Even Kendall commented, writing, "@laurenperez obvi asked for your approval in advance too. We love a beach wedding."

Kendall Jenner, Lauren Perez

I guess that ought to settle it! What do you think? Is it cool to wear an attention-grabbing dress to a friend's wedding if you ask for the bride's permission first? *shrug emoji*

Kendall Jenner