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People Are Saying Kendall Jenner Was "Blatantly Disrespectful" For Wearing This Dress To Someone's Wedding

"Blatantly disrespectful to the bride."

Earlier this week, Kendall Jenner attended her friend Lauren Perez’s wedding with Hailey Bieber and Bella Hadid.

She wore this gorgeous Monot dress to the reception afterward and looked absolutely phenomenal — like, amazing. But, that’s not what has everyone upset.

It's the etiquette/manners/courtesy aspect of wearing this dress to SOMEONE ELSE'S WEDDING. Like, in no way are we shaming Kendall’s look at all, it’s just...everyone knows the focus of a wedding day should be the bride and groom, not the guests.

Twitter: @PRADAXBBY / Via Instagram: @kendalljenner

According to Martha Stewart's site on wedding etiquette, "For women, opinions vary, but it's safest to stick with a long, formal dress."

Several people at a wedding in summer dresses

Kendall drew criticism online, with one video on TikTok amassing more than 6.8 million views:


#greenscreen saw an opportunity to use this sound and ran with it, she looks cute tho tbh

♬ STILL NOT THAT GURL - theebrad

People said it just wasn't right to wear that to someone else's wedding. Their comments got even hundreds of thousands of likes:

One person said "She has always been a pick me girl"

One person called it "blatantly disrespectful to the bride."

Some even said they wouldn't have tolerated it, had it been their wedding:

One person said "Is she serious rn...I would've asked her to leave"
Another said "Ummm that's a no from me dawg. Not on my wedding day. M'am here's a jackter [laughing, crying emoji]

People on Twitter echoed the same sentiment:

Imagine Kendall Jenner wearing this to your wedding 😭😭😭

Twitter: @coshween / Via Instagram: @kendalljenner

why is kendall wearing THAT to a wedding????

Twitter: @bbynic33

How kendall goes like that to a WEDDING girl 💀

Twitter: @themiumiumuse / Via Instagram: @kendalljenner

i’m sorry but kendall wearing that dress to someone else’s wedding (!!) is the most pick me shit i’ve maybe ever seen

Twitter: @MKUltaBeauty / Via Instagram: @kendalljenner

Some, however, didn't think it was wrong:

If I was built like Kendall Jenner, I’d wear that damn dress that she wore to that wedding

Twitter: @sxcana

i cant believe y’all r calling kendall jenner a pick me girl for wearing a revealing dress to a wedding 😭😭

Twitter: @sukidrip

I’m not a fan of Kendall but people calling her a pick me for what she wore to a wedding is weirrrdddd

Twitter: @traewayybk

As for the bride and groom, they have not commented on this because they're probably busy being in love, ya know. BUT...if you have more thoughts on this, please let me know in the comments below!