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    Adele Was Asked What Advice She Would Give Her 19-Year-Old Self, And Her Answer Was Eye-Opening

    "Your love life's gonna get a lot worse."

    Adele, as you've probably heard, is getting ready to release her new album, 30. Lead single "Easy on Me" is already out!

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    30, which drops in November, explores her relationship and divorce from Simon Konecki.

    Adele and Simon Konecki
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    Now, in a new 73 Questions interview with Vogue, Adele was asked what advice she'd give to her 19-year-old self.

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    "Your love life's gonna get a lot worse," the Grammy winner says before making a funny face.

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    There were lots of lighthearted moments too. When asked about the strangest thing she'd seen someone do at one of her shows, Adele recalled seeing "a middle-aged woman drink too much, pass out, and pissed herself."

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    In Vegas, naturally.

    Finally, when asked what advice she had for younger singers hoping to break into the industry, Adele had some suuuuper-sage advice.

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    "Keep your heart safe and your music dangerous."

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    Love that. Watch the whole interview below!

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