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The 19 Kids & Counting Drinking Game

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The world-famous Duggar family may be sober but that doesn't mean you have to be! Play this drinking game while watching 19 Kids and Counting, and you'll enjoy the show a lot more.

In honor the Duggars' modesty (and out of respect for your liver), I suggest taking sips of your favorite alcoholic beverage, instead of shots, when playing.

Ready? Let's get started.

Take One Sip When...

1. All 19 children are named in birth order (the opening credits count).

2. The Duggars describe someone as having "a servant's heart".

3. The Duggars go to the grocery store and wrack up an enormous bill.

4. "Buy Used and Save the Difference!"

5. You see a Christian side hug. / Via

6. The Duggars have a family meeting.

7. A child is eating a pickle (the Duggars love pickles).

8. Jim Bob and Michelle get physical in front of the kids (they're allowed to do that because they're married ).

9. Mr. Jim the Sound Man makes an appearance.

Take Two Sips When... / Via

15. The Duggars take a trip on their motorbus.

16. The Duggars visit the Bates family.

17. Not-as-conservative Cousin Amy visits. She wears pants and watches TV but the Duggars love her anyway. ("Cousin Amy gets to wear yellow")

18. The kids perform a skit for Michelle and Jim Bob, or have a family talent show.

19. The Duggars visit a new church.

20. Jinger discusses her dreams of moving to a big city. (Free Jinger!) / Via Free Jinger Forums

21. The family appears on Good Morning America or has a photo shoot for People Magazine.

22. Michelle and Jim Bob discuss how they train their children. (Sidenote: this one really bothers me. You teach a child, you train a dog.)

23. Michelle and Jim Bob discuss when they dated and reveal what hypocrites they are.

Is that a kiss before marriage? Are those pants?!? / Via

24. You see a Duggar child you swear you’ve never seen before, even though you’ve watched every single episode. (Kid Farm was right!)

25. Jim Bob sets his magical hair helmet with an entire can of hairspray.

26. The Duggars visit the dentist. (Their dental bills must be enormous. 21 visits once or twice per year? Good lord.)

27. A courting couple discusses the boundaries they’ve set for their relationship and does not look happy about it.

28. The show flashes back to footage from a previous special and you see how the Duggars used to dress before TLC modernized them for the show.

This picture was taken in 2004. Not 1994. 2004. / Via Seeing Through a New Lens Blog

34. A Duggar or Bates child gets married.

35. Anna and Michelle wear matching outfits.

36. Anna and her mother wear matching outfits.

37. The Duggars deny solid science in regards to the age of the earth, global warming, and overpopulation (this is more commonly seen in earlier episodes).

37. The Duggars have a rare encounter with a black person.

38. The Duggar girls wear pants or the boys wear shorts, but can get away with it because they are "in costume".

39. Jim Bob and Michelle speak at a church or conference.

40. All of the kids play "Amazing Grace" together on the violin (actually, take 4 sips for this one, you're gonna need it!).

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