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41 Signs You Went To The University Of Kentucky


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5. Even if your finals were done by Tuesday morning, you always went to Willy T on the Wednesday night of finals week because you knew high jinks would ensue.

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9. Forget Morgan Freeman, Everett McCorvey is the voice of God.

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Just listen to that voice. He's pretty great during commencement too.

11. You've sworn off UPS after they dared to feature the 1992 Duke v. Kentucky game in their NCAA tournament commercials.


Commercials aired during the NCAA tournament that Kentucky won by the way, bringing their grand total of tourney wins to 8 compared to Duke's 4. Suck it Duke!

12. The Unforgettables did commercials urging you to buy locally grown produce.

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13. Even after seeing these adorable commercials for 4 years straight, you still can't pronounce Mingua correctly.

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23. You had a love/hate relationship with Greek Sing.

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You hated every moment of practice and prop building…but loved the actual event.

24. The AcoUstiKats sang at every on-campus event you attended.

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31. …and know that South Broadway turns into Harrodsburg, South Limestone turns into Nicholasville, Versailles Road turns into West High which turns into Tates Creek, and Richmond Road turns into West Main which turns into Leestown Road.

32. This was a commonly overheard conversation:

Person A: "Where are you from?"
Person B: "Cincinnati"
A: "Oh, in the city?"
B: "No…it's northern Kentucky".

39. Big Blue Madness was the best event you've ever been to in an arena.

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This is just the first practice of the year. We take our basketball seriously.

40. You know all the words to My Old Kentucky Home and that it is as sacred as the National Anthem in your eyes.

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Those who disrespect it will suffer the consequences. Lookin' at you LSU!.

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