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    17 Yorkshire Habits That Make The Rest Of The World Say "What?"

    "Learning that a Yorkshire pudding is really just a roasted pancake fucked me up so bad."

    1. When we take perfectly good pancake batter and make it into Yorkshire pudding instead.

    2. When we use cheese as the perfect accompaniment to fruit cake.

    Halftime snack level: Christmas. Got to have Wensleydale cheese with your Christmas cake. Just need goals from Town…

    Twitter: @alexillustrator / Via Twitter: @alexillustrator

    3. When we flaunt our local celebrities.

    Martin Hayhow / Yui Mok / PA Images / Twitter: @nath_fra96

    4. When we call the midday meal "dinner".

    5. And when we inadvertently confuse people with the word "tea".

    6. When we give our towns really fucking weird names. / Via

    7. When we downright refuse to wear coats at night.

    Flickr: tjblackwell / Creative Commons / Twitter: @zweyla

    8. When we use vaguely offensive names to talk about our nearest and dearest.

    “Dickhead” What it means everywhere else: Someone who displays idiotic or loathsome behaviour. What it means in Yorkshire: A good friend.

    9. And when we basically just give up and use our own language.

    This is what a #Yorkshire computer menu looks like (via @yorkshireprobs )

    10. When we end our nights out with the king of post-pub snacks.

    11. When we refer to a bread roll as a cake.

    12. When we use this as a perfectly reasonable way to ask someone to shut the door.

    13. And when we insult other people like this.

    “‘E’s neither use nor ornament.” – That gentlemen serves quite literally no purpose on this earth.

    Twitter: @andybrown999 / Via Twitter: @andybrown999

    14. When we worship this guy above all else.

    @PulpLibrarian Fun fact: Brian Blessed is from Yorkshire.

    15. When we dare to speak with strangers.

    16. When we invent our own unique take on carb-loading.

    Nights out in the north mean ending it with cheezy chip garlic naan

    Twitter: @LauraWeill / Via Twitter: @LauraWeill

    Chip naans FTW.

    17. And when we serve gravy with literally everything.

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