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23 Quirks That People From The North Don’t Realise Are Super Weird

Nothing stands between a northerner and a pint.

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1. Having gravy with everything.

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Feeling that hot brown sauce surge through your veins is the true meaning of feeling warm and fuzzy. Chips and gravy? Good. Yorkshire pud' and gravy? Good. Pie and gravy? Good. Gravy and gravy? Good.

3. And referring to your nearest and dearest with moderately offensive insults.

Instagram: @timberscrafts

Is there any greater sign of affection than being called a dickhead, soft git, or daft sod by your loved ones? Nope.


5. And your tea at 5pm.

FFS, southerners having dinner in the evening? The Northern Opinion: Tea is about 5pm-ish. Anything consumed after that is called BEER.

You didn’t even realise that was early until you had tea round someone else’s house.

6. Taking your top off and sunbathing in public the second the temperature pushes double figures.

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Grab some tinnies and see you down the park.

8. Partaking in lengthy debates about where "the south" begins.

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14. Having the aforementioned roll, bap, cake, barm etc. on the side of your tea.

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Imagine getting fish and chips without a white buttered roll. The inhumanity.

15. Talking to strangers like it's nothing.

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Why wouldn’t you tell the guy next to you on the bus your entire life story? Who’s to say the supermarket checkout lady doesn’t have some advice on that tricky boy situation? Best have a little chat and see, eh?

16. Your mum having a "good" tablecloth/gravy jug/apron reserved for special occasions.

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When the Queen finally comes to tea, she’s gonna be so dazzled by that pristine tea towel.


19. A near biblical obsession with brown stuff in a bottle.

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Hendo’s isn’t a condiment choice, it’s a lifestyle.


21. And "Proper" as a qualifier.

@joh1971 / Via

Proper good this brew.

22. Bus drivers who wave at each other.

A bus driver of the same route didn't wave at the driver of the bus I'm on. We're all shook.

23. And finally, drinking gallons of strong tea with every meal.

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