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23 Slightly Unusual Things Everyone From Yorkshire Has Done

There's nowt so queer as folk.

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1. Taken a photo of Henderson's Relish spotted anywhere south of Nottingham and shared it on social media in disbelief.

Instagram: @juliaelizabethsw / Via

4. Ploughed your face into the warm, crumbly, comforting dough of a Fat Rascal.

Instagram: @AnnaJeanie78 / Via

5. Got progressively more northern, no matter how slight your original accent, when around fellow Yorkshire folk.

Flickr: tejvan / Creative Commons / Twitter: @Amy_ninetyeight / BuzzFeed

Particularly when you meet them outside of Yorkshire's green and pleasant surroundings.

7. Sacked off a weekend down the pub for a hearty hike in the country.

Instagram: @furcoat / Via

With, uh, a pub as the end goal, naturally.


9. Eaten a Yorkshire pudding as a starter.

Instagram: @betreagle / Via

12. Taken a photo of a motorway sign that simply reads: The North.

Instagram: @sineadashlee_ / Via

And probably used it as a Facebook photo for a short-lived spell.


17. Made up a nickname for your town that ups its otherwise lack of glamour.

Instagram: @westdorkshire / Via

Looking at you Cas Vegas, Ponte Carlo, and Hullywood.