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    • Raai

      Lot of arrogance in these comments. Here’s a change of perspective: Try being in our shoes. You think some of us enjoy being like this? I’ve tried a lot of food that my family eats and it’s really not to my taste. When I do go out with my friends though, I tell them beforehand about me being picky and ask if it’s all right. If not, they can go on without me OR I can tag along and just hang out after eating at my house and just sit there with a drink. No big deal, like some others make it to be. Plus, it shouldn’t matter what other people eat as long as you enjoy their company. And that whole “Other people in other countries with no food would love to have it” is just… You’re going to guilt trip me into eating something that I don’t like, even AFTER trying it? Really?  How about worrying about other things more important than other people’s eating habits. “Like what?” you say. Exactly.

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