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NEW American Boy Band Alert: Meet Midnight Red

A hot new boy group is blazing in. And they go by the name Midnight Red.

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With British/Irish boy groups on the rise (One Direction, The Wanted, JLS,) there is an up-and-coming American boy group called Midnight Red, and they are making it known. They have the charm, wit and talent to keep up with the likes of the previously named groups.

Midnight Red formed in 2009, and the group hit the road in July 2011 as an opening act for the New Kids on the Block/Backstreet Boys co-headlining tour and released a digital EP on July 12th 2011, with the digital debut song "One Club at a Time". They are signed to Interscope Records, and worked with famous producers RedOne and Dallas Austin (Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull, Enrique Iglesias,) Now before you write them off as another generic boy band; Watch them cover *NSYNC's This I Promise You acapella.

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There harmonies are actually quite good and it feels good to see a boy group actually sing in this day and age with auto tune running the charts. Plus, unlike 1D and The Wanted; they dance too! Their dance pop song "Hell Yeah" hit the digital waves (iTunes, Amazon) on June 19th 2012 and is sure to heat up this summer. With their confidence, style and electric dance moves, they are definitely bringing back the feel of boy groups a la the 1990's. (which as a former *NSYNC junkie, isn't so bad)

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This is the their debut Music Video for their song "Hell Yeah" which debuted June 19th.

Boy groups are back and Midnight Red is really to leave their mark. They have said (and proven) that they are hard working and very dedicated to their work and their fans, the Redheads. Yes like TWFanmily and Directioners, MR has a fan base name too called Redheads, and group member Colton says “the ‪Redhead‬ population is growing!” Indeed they are, in fact the Redheads are tweeting, and using other social networks to get Midnight Red more promo within people their ages.

So will you become a Redhead too?

For more information on Midnight Red:

Band website:!all

Band Twitter: @ItsMidnightRed

BONUS! They covered One Direction's hit song What Makes You Beautiful and put their own spin on it.

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