10 Reasons We’re Not Surprised Kris And Bruce Jenner Are Getting Divorced

She’s a scary Momager-turned-Talkshow Host, and he’s a…he’s…he’s Bruce Jenner. When you actually think about it, their relationship was always headed for the dreaded D-word.

1. 1. The exercise DVD

A marriage built on a foundation of neon leotards is a marriage meant for disaster.

2. 2. The plastic surgery

Seriously, guys. No more face jokes.

4. 3. Bruce’s clear interest in anyone BUT Kris

Lord Disick for the #win.

It’s okay, Kris. No one can compete with the big O.

6. 4. Uh, make that the whole family…

7. 5. Kris’ obsessive interest in the important things in life

8. (really, really important things)

9. 6. That time Kris confused herself for a black man

Easy mistake.

10. 7. When Bruce confused an alligator for a flying surfboard

Once again, EASY mistake.

11. 8. Kris withheld Bruce’s “damn” ATM card


12. 9. Kris’ generally happy mood

Basically a saint.

17. 10. And finally: the fact that Kris danced like this once

Come on. That’s just unforgivable.

18. Now that they’ve split, Bruce will go back to doing what he does best…

(We don’t know what he does best either)

19. And something tells us Kris will be just fine.

On to the next one, honey.

21. But dry those tears! Scott is still around to keep us company.

Never change, Lord Disick. Never. Change.

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