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Superfruit Has Turned Your Hip-Hop Faves Into Broadway Masterpieces... Again.

Slay me once, shame on you. Slay me twice... well... I guess I should just subscribe.

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It's no secret that Youtube Sensation Superfruit knows how to turn any one of your go-to hip-hop jams into Broadway masterpieces.

In fact, it's no secret Superfruit knows how to turn pretty much anything into a musical masterpiece, from Miley's entire discography to Taylor Swift's 1989 to Beyonce's self-titled album.

To make it very clear that the success of their first Hip Hop goes Broadway video wasn't a mistake, THEY MADE ANOTHER!

And SPOILER ALERT: it's just as LIFE-CHANGING as the first!

Watch them whip/nae-nae/show-off their magnificent voices here:

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Thanks, Superfruit, for another amazing video. Keep killin it'!

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