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    9 Ways To Have An Awesome Lemonade Stand This Summer

    The Ultimate Guide to a Great Lemonade Stand from The Awesome Lemonade Stand

    1. Use Real Lemons / Via

    Using real lemons adds an extra tart to the lemonade which really makes it taste AMAZING! Even if you don't have the time to make home made lemonade and have to go the "Country" way, squeeze a few lemons into it and you'll see how much a difference they make.

    2. Make Sure You Have a Good Recipe / Via

    Try this recipe from The Guardian:

    2½ unwaxed lemons

    50g white caster sugar

    570ml cold water

    Pinch of salt (optional)

    ¼ cucumber, sliced

    Small bunch of mint

    1. Cut one of the lemons into chunks and put into a food processor or blender, along with any juices from the chopping board and the juice of the remaining one and a half lemons, the sugar, the salt if using and a little of the water. Whizz to a puree, then add the rest of the water. Taste and add a little more sugar if necessary.

    2. Pour into a jug add the slices of cucumber and a couple of sprigs of mint, then chill until ready to serve.

    3. Serve over ice with a fresh slice of cucumber and a fresh sprig of mint for each glass.

    Here's the link:

    3. Make The Stand Appealing / Via

    You need large signs advertising your fresh squeezed lemonade, and pretty colors to attract people. Remember, the better your lemonade stand looks, the more people you are likely to meet and have taste your lemonade.

    Now you've got the lemonade, the stand, but there's still a lot more which goes into having a great stand.

    4. Have a Great Location

    As the real estate market always says, "Location, Location, Location!" The same falls true for your stand. If you set up on your dead end, small, and narrow street, you are less likely to have customers than if you set up at your local firehouse. (Trust us, we know!)

    5. Know Your Times

    Want a long line of people for your stand? Aside from location, you also need to know your times. The Awesome Lemonade Stands that we hold are normally open from 10 to 3 on Sundays, but we've had different times throughout our existence. Take walks to where you want to hold your stand and make sure that you can hold it there at the busiest of times. The more people your stand has, the more successful you stand you'll have.

    6. Advertise Your Stand

    Use online resources like your Patch.Com, Twitter, Facebook, and other notification services that you can use in your community to get the word out online. Create a Facebook page for your stand, a twitter, and even an Instagram if you want to get things popping. Use a free site makes like or google sites to make a website for your lemonade stand if you don't want it to go on social media. Once it's stand time have signs, put flyers on telephone poles, and just get the word out any way you can. You can even update your fans throughout the stand as to how you're doing!

    7. Expand Your Menu

    After our operation for 4 years, we've found out some things, this is one of them. Try out products like brownies, cookies, chips, and even candy. Make sure that you set prices at a reasonable amount also. For our Small Lemonades, Water Bottles, Chips, Candy, and Baked Goods we charge one dollar, and for our large 16 oz. lemonade we charge two dollars. Try keeping things at a low amount that can be paid using dollar bills since coin change is normally a turn off for potential customers.

    8. Stay Nice and Clean

    Always be polite to your potential customers, and keep the stand clean. Don't forget that napkins are very useful for your customers and for you hand sanitizer is key. Use individual baggies for your baked goods and keep the cups in a way so that they don't get dirty.

    And Finally The Most Important Step. The One Which You Cannot Forget!

    9. Set Up As A Non-Profit Lemonade Stand!

    Raise money for a charitable cause, whether it's your local firehouse or to help find a cure for ALS, it makes everyone around you feel better about what they're doing.

    So Remember...

    Have an awesome time with your lemonade stand and make those around you feel better by having one to help find a cure for ALS. That's what we do, and it has touched the lives of everyone who's had our lemonade. Where ever you have your stand, have a great one!

    Like the Awesome Lemonade Stand on Facebook by going to Facebook.Com/AwesomeLemonade to find some great ideas on stands and to find out more about us.

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