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    Dad-Bod Calendar Clique

    Man gets diagnosed with inoperable brain tumor, friends & strangers unite to create a calendar as a fundraiser for treatments.

    Kaley Novicki, Novastella Imagery LLC / Via Facebook: 1722175884725721
    Jeremy Hensley / Via Facebook: 1722175884725721

    Jeremy Hensley (far right) was recently diagnosed with a inoperable tumor on his brain stem. Though his radiation has already started, things like this are always a long road. Being supported by friends & family is already something that is helpful and appreciated. But now strangers are joining in to help with something a little more... or less depending on how you look at it...

    Often times people want to help others that are going through times like these, but have no idea where to start. Well, what had started as just a fun idea, has somehow gone viral in just a few hours. Simply putting together a dad-bod calendar to sell strictly for Jeremy's treatments & medical bills. That's it. We had planned on getting a few friends together, having them show off their beer bellies and sexy dad-bods, take photos for a calendar, and sell the calendars to raise money for Jeremy's medical expenses.

    Kaley Novicki (with Novastella Imagery LLC) set up a photoshoot at her parents house on Saturday, April 2nd. When first creating the event on Facebook, we had about 20 something people RSVP that they were coming. Well, when waking up that morning the weather was horrendous and we all thought this photoshoot was NOT happening. Nobody was wanting to go anymore, Jeremy woke up with a shocking migraine and ended up heading straight to the hospital, it was raining, it was just not looking good. But the support was endless. Most of us still made it there. Most of us, including Jeremy. Even after being in the hospital, he still managed to come out to support the people who were only there to support him.

    Kaley Novicki, Novastella Imagery LLC / Via Facebook: 1722175884725721

    And it was amazing. We got enough photos for February, March, April, May, July, September, October, November & December. But we weren't stopping there. We went on to create a group on Facebook. "Dad-Bod Calendar Clique" was born. Our group was just for the people who showed up to the photoshoot, people who were interested in purchasing a calendar, and people who wanted to participate in the calendar in general. But we weren't going to be stingy, we had to spread the love. Over the last 48 hours, the group has grown from 17 original members, to 4.4k members world-wide.

    Kaley Novicki, Novastella Imagery LLC / Via Facebook: 1722175884725721

    Between holding another photoshoot (coming up April 17th) and having people world-wide sending in photos to be part of the calendar, this is turning out to be bigger than we ever imagined. Not only that, but Jeremy's story is being spread and he's receiving more support than he ever dreamt of. Being the humble man he is, creating a GoFundMe account was never an option. Jeremy was not looking for pity or handouts by any means. Which is why the calendar was an idea in the first place. He still wanted to do something for people. Can you imagine that? Needing love & support yourself, but still wanting to do something for your friends.

    Kaley Novicki, Novastella Imagery LLC / Via Facebook: 1722175884725721

    Well, that's the reason we're all here. We're all here for him. And none of us would have it any other way.

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