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11 People Share How They Lost Their Wedding Rings And It's Hilarious

My sweet, sweet precious...

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the ridiculous ways they have lost a wedding ring. Here are some of the best stories:

1. The Secret Recipe

"One day, my mom opened up her cookbook for the meatloaf recipe. Right there on the page was the wedding ring she thought she had lost six years ago. She had given up and even bought a new ring in that time. Just goes to show you how often my mom cooks. :)"

—Jess Golling, Facebook

2. The True Chemistry

"My dad works a blue-collar job managing a chrome-finishing plating company. He once had his workers drain an entire plating tank because he lost his wedding ring in one of the 10-TON CHEMICAL VATS. That, my friends, is 18+ years of marriage loyalty right there."


3. The Bag Bearing No Gifts

"When I was in third grade, I was the ring bearer for my uncle's wedding. The rings were tied to the pillow hours before the wedding, and someone thought it was a good idea to put that pillow in a plastic bag. Well, being the immature child that I was, I walked around the wedding venue for hours, swinging the plastic bag all around. About 30 minutes before the wedding, they checked on me, and, well, the rings were gone. People were furious, and I cried the entire time. My uncle was a police officer, so the entire police force was there with metal detectors looking for them. It took three weeks to find them. Whoops!"

—Adriana White, Facebook

4. The Lake Bae

"The first time my husband lost his ring was at our cottage when he jumped off the dock and into the lake. The second time he lost his ring was when we were boating on a lake. He doesn’t wear one anymore because why bother if he’s in truth married to the lake?"


5. The Dog Treat

"My husband 'lost' his ring just about a week after our wedding. He took it off to shower and set it on the counter. Our dog then came into the bathroom and ate it off the counter. My husband refused to retrieve the ring from the dog, so I bought him a new one! He is now on his third QALO ring because he is so rough on stuff, and we’ve only been married a year!"


6. The Curb Toss

"I was out running errands with my husband when I realized my wedding set was no longer on my finger! The last time I remembered seeing them was FOUR HOURS EARLIER when I put them on my lap to put lotion on my hands; they must have fallen out when I got out of the car at our first stop. My stomach dropped. My husband stayed calm and insisted we go back and look where they might have fallen. Lo and behold, I immediately spotted my engagement ring on the street next to the curb! Twenty second later, I also found my wedding band. A car at a stop sign nearby rolled down the window and congratulated us. Years later, I realized it looked like we had just gotten engaged."


7. The Dumpster Diver

"My husband was taking out the trash at the brewery he works for in Chicago. He tossed the bags into a dumpster the size of a train car and his ring flew right off with them. Everyone felt so bad that he ended up with several co-workers digging around in a nasty, broken-glass- and hop-waste-filled dumpster to help him look for the doomed ring. They never found it. He called me after and said the worst thing ever happened. I thought he’d lost his job!"


8. The Toe Thief

"We rented a beach condo for the weekend and took our one-year-old to the playground and aquarium that day. As my fiancé was putting her to sleep, I realized my ring was gone. We spent the next two hours frantically retracing my steps. Neither of us slept that night, not only because of the lost expensive ring, but because our daughter was also kicking and crying all night. The next morning, he brings out our baby girl and changes her diaper next to me. As I’m watching him put her socks back on, I see it. Wrapped around her big toe. No joke. It must have fallen off when I was dressing her. Now we know why she was kicking all night!"


9. The Football Fumble

"I lost my ring while throwing a football with my husband in Lake Michigan. The water was cold, and my fingers shrank. The football hit my hand, and the ring fell right off. I immediately went under to look for it but never found it. It was devastating. I just stood there in the water and cried in shock. Unless someone else found it, my ring is still somewhere in Lake Michigan."


10. The Nasty Taffy

"A few years ago, I took my three kids to a lake with an inflatable obstacle course floating right in the middle. My kids were jumping on it, and, suddenly, my youngest stopped and looked kind of funny. In that moment, I realized maybe a bag of Laffy Taffy wasn’t the best pre-lake snack. Long story short, I had to clean up his barf on a floating barge in the middle of a lake using whatever we could feasibly swim out there. By the time we were done, I realized my ring had gotten lost somewhere in the mess!"


11. The Trash Monster

"I lost my wedding ring for two weeks, thinking it fell down the sink in the bathroom when I removed it for my shower. My two-year-old came up to me and asked where my ring went. I said, 'I don’t know, son. Where did it go?' He gave a giant smile and happily said, 'big trash.' Apparently, he grabbed it and threw it away in a fit of glee."


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