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    47 Things Every Justin Bieber Fan Should Know About Pere Ubu

    Last Sunday, while international pop sensation Justin Bieber was receiving the Presidential Medal Of Freedom, he mentioned to the adoring press that his favorite musical act was some group known as Pere Ubu. Now, I know what you're thinking guys: what the hell is a Pere Ubu? Well, thankfully, I have come up with 45 must-know facts every Bieliber and Biebnostic needs to know about the next hot American act to conquer the world!!!

    1. Pere Ubu has released over 88 albums over the last fifty years....every one of them CLASSIC!

    While daunting to many, 88 albums really isn't all that much to download onto your Mobile Musical Device! Start with The Modern Dance and work your way through last year's Pere'r Ubu'r for maximum Ubuness!!!

    2. Pere Ubu evolved from the classic Cincinnati rock band Rocket From The Crypt

    Believe it or not, Pere Ubu didn't just spring forth from the loins of God's rockin' mind, they actually were in another band called Rocket From The Crypt that split into Ubu and The Dead Guys. Rocket still performs today and really rocks the house!!!

    3. Pere Ubu's first single "Heart Of Darkness" has become a wedding standard the world over!!!

    Voted saddest love song by a panel of love experts, "Heart Of Darkness" is a bittersweet ode to love that many a happy couple walks down the aisle to.

    4. Pere Ubu's fourth album Dub Housing invented the genre Dubstep!!!

    Believe it or not, the Ubu's invented Dubstep with their 1981 album Dub Housing. It's right there in the title. The Dub begins here!

    5. Pere Ubu singer Dave Thomas was raised as a 7th Day Adventist

    This factors into a lot of their lyrics. Sadly, the Christian Music world has not yet given Ubu their due. :(

    6. Pere Ubu frontman Dave Thomas is the real founder of the fastfood restaurant Wendy's!!

    The Dave Thomas character on TV was actually portrayed by legendary Talk Show host Ed McMahon. Pere Ubu's Thomas founded the restaurant in 1977, but wouldn't give up his touring commitments. What a trooper!

    7. Red Kross frontman Mayonnaise Thompson was once a member of Pere Ubu!

    He appeared on Ubu's classic albums New Picnic Time and Cloudland. So prolific!

    8. Pere Ubu's classic single Final Solution appeared in the first TV ad for Clue!

    Bet you didn't know that!

    9. The band founded the website UbuWeb for all of your Pere Ubu needs!!!

    Check it guys!

    10. Original member Peter Gallagher went on to a famous acting career!

    Sadly, he passed away in 1998. R.I.P.

    11. Pere Ubu had their biggest hit with The Modern Dance's "Love Stinks."

    Yeah yeah!


    Whoops guys, guess I ran out of way cool Pere Ubu facts. But be a good Bieber Fever Patient and CHECK OUT THE UBU!!! YOU WON'T BE SORRY!!! LATER GATORS!!!!

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