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7 Unexpected Places You Can Bring Your Pets

You may be under the impression that your pets have to stay at home when you head out to certain places, but there are plenty of places you can bring them. We know pets and people are better together—so what better way to celebrate it than on June 21—National Bring Your Pet to Work Day? And if you can't enjoy #PetsAtWork every day, here's some other places you can.

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1. The office


Many people know that places like Google and YouTube operate super-pet-friendly workspaces (Tumblr even has its own office dog!)—not to mention Purina, obviously—but did you know that a growing number of American offices have begun encouraging people to bring their pets in? (1/10 already allow dogs.) Considering that pets lower stress and increase social interaction, it should probably be illegal NOT to bring your pets to work.

Think your office is ready to be pet-friendly? Find a full list of how-to at!

4. The parlor


Drop Off Service may be the top spot for chill dogs, but Von offers not just chill dogs, but chill cats as well. Getting them there might be a bit more difficult, but certain bars will welcome cats with open arms. Sure, felines aren't quite as common as their canine friends, but a place like Von is purrfect because of its cushioned pews.

5. The beach


Haha, just kidding—we know you know you can take pets to the beach. But did you know that there's some beaches made for the dog demographic? The Prospect Park Dog Beach, for instance, is like a dog park… except underwater. Just don't forget to pack a towel for your pooch, too.

6. The burger joint


Clearly dogs want to stuff their faces with burgers, but they just can't do that (neither can we, unfortunately), but places like Shake Shack are capitalizing on the fact that dogs want to at LEAST be around them. Shake Shack, for example, sells Poochinis, which, if you don't know, are a "chilly treat for those with four feet" (aka dog biscuits drenched in peanut butter sauce and vanilla custard).

7. The coffee shop

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Many coffee shops have outdoor seating, but not all will let you bring in your canine companion. At New York's Sweetleaf, though, they aggressively encourage patrons to bring in their pooches and stay a while (and you won't want to leave because the coffee is consistently ranked among NYC's finest). In fact, if you do walk the dog in, they'll get featured on Sweetleaf's Facebook page for all to see.