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10 Reasons Pets Are The Best Coworkers

Turns out nine times out of ten, your pet would probably make a better coworker than just a plain ol' human. Find out just how well pets and people work together by celebrating National Bring Your Pet to Work Day on June 21. Pets at home are great, but #PetsAtWork is even better.

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1. They're really "good" at troubleshooting

2. They're great at making new business connections

3. They'll reward you for doing a good job

4. They'll give you a pep talk when your boss criticizes you

5. They're highly organized

6. They understand the importance of breaks

7. They love team-building activities (and are very good at them)

8. They have excellent hygiene (unlike Terry in HR)

9. They know how to control their temper, even when they don't agree with you

10. They'll make you look good, because they're easily distracted