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11 Reasons Cats Are Actually The Perfect Companion

No one's going to argue that dogs are great companions, but cats have our backs too. Here are some cats who do just as much for their humans as we do for them—which is why pets and people are #BetterTogether.

1. They keep you organized


Though you might not always agree with their definition of "feng shui."

2. They're always down to be your workout buddy

3. They make really good security guards

4. They give the most purrfect massages

5. They love helping around the house

6. Even when your friends are sick of your cover of "Stairway to Heaven," they'll always listen to it

7. They'll keep your hands warm (and your electronics)


Productivity be damned.

8. They love playing games


But you have to play by their own "house rules."

9. They love entertaining at parties

10. They always make sure you wake up in time for work

11. And most of all, you're always no. 1 in their eyes.

(Even if they occasionally show their love in "creative" ways.)