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Fanzwood to launch world’s first fan created Web Originals

Fans are the most actively involved movie lovers.

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No single online platform for like minded fans of movies/ stars to come together and show their love for their favorite movie/stars. Comic con, Film festivals and other offline platforms have been using the ability to bring together active audiences in one place to demonstrate their passion. Likeminded fans or even fanatic rivalry between fans have been lost in comment sections of many online platforms. Filmmakers have also been targeting and marketing their movies to a varied audience. There is a

dearth of focussed fandom in the online world.

The FANZWOOD Solution

A one stop uninterrupted online platform that collects all information curated as well as fan created in regards to Actors, Movies, Producers, Directors and Film music.Build an engaged fan base of active movie lovers via creating & distributing content thus creating a platform for digital marketing for all kind of movies co-partnering with studios and production houses.Employ technology and data to create novel engagement propositions leveraging fans as an extended arms of marketing towards generating active FANZBUZZ [word of mouth marketing]. Analyze FANZBUZZ to derive insights towards generating optimum formats for engagements to help enhance the word of mouth of movies so any movie[be it small or big] can reach a larger audience, thus generating maximum revenue for the movie.

FANZWOOD a Social Platform for movie lovers: One stop destination for all movie lovers hinged on content- both syndicated plus user generated — and other engagement formats — reviews, web-series, games, etc.. Platform also provides a better content organization enabling better search & discovery of relevant content.

FANZWOOD a Digital Marketeer: an effective digital partner for movie producers by harnessing our mobile platform:

● Leveraging the community of active movie lovers as extended marketing arms who can spread and show their love for any movie

● Leveraging the platform's reach and its rich data driven insights to devise appropriate marketing communication

● Leveraging in-house content team to create and curate content in partnership with movie studios.

FANZWOOD STUDIOS — host to a unique online production house which invites people to contribute in form of stories, talent capabilities in all forms of content production be it acting, singing, production or content creation as well as contribute to the production cost.

FANZWOOD is The No#1 App for movie lovers. This makes it the best digital partner for all movie based communication. The App can quantify/ predict FANZBUZZ and then derive insights towards generating optimum formats for engagements to help enhance the word of mouth of movies so any movie[be it small or big] can reach a larger audience, thus generating maximum revenue .

FANZWOOD is an app that bends the boundaries of movie lovers. There are tamil film lovers, telugu movie lovers, Malayalam, Bengali film fans all in one platform. Any movie can thus reach a larger audience of movie lovers who can then spread the word of mouth or Fanzbuzz to places where a movie could not reach before.

FANZWOOD also has an in-house production team who can create and curate content for movie studios. There is a lot of analytical based research that helps to develop content based on the trends and tastes analysed by the way fans react to content on the app. FANZWOOD is building a community of active movie lovers who would love to be a part of movie marketing. They are everywhere from small towns to trendsetting cities. They are the marketing arms of Fanzwood who can spread and show their love for any movie.

FANZWOOD is announcing the world's first fan created Web Originals. It is one of it's kind series that will be funded and created by fans from conception to execution to be released on the App first and eventually on all platforms.

FANZWOOD intends to be a platform where people can come together and contribute to creating new content. It can access the pool of talent and fans to market any form of content.

FANZWOOD Website/ App will have an open call for students of film-making, journalism and even regular film fans to participate and contribute at every juncture of content creation.

FANZWOOD Website/ App will have a counter to contribute to the cost of creating content. All the fan funders would get series memorabilia.

FANZWOOD Website/ App is an ultimate engagement platform for Fans. From polls to deciding on genres they would love to see to rate the best actors from a pool of actors to the Final release, Fanzwood will analyse and track the upcoming trends that will change the way entertainment will be consumed in the next few years.

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