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    26 Bizarre Old Indian Print Ads And Photos That Will Make You Wonder What They Were Thinking

    So many facepalms.

    1. Dilip a pickle


    I know he's a great actor and all, but do we really need to pickle him for it?

    2. Cigarette smoking can lead to stupidly dropping food.


    What anything in this ad has to do with cigarettes, we will never know.

    3. The "big size family car" that's smaller than this family of giants.

    4. Nutramul turns wimpy kids into martial arts champions. So do steroids.

    5. Conserving water was so scandalous.


    Where was the censor board when this ad came out?

    6. You must buy Surf because the angry aunty says so.


    Also, why is angry aunty surrounded by vegetables but talking about detergent?

    7. The Air India ad that could easily be self-defeating.


    Translation: Our flights are way worse than the other airlines.

    8. Angry Surf aunty again!

    sowpar / Via

    This time she's telling you how much of a dimwit you are if you don't buy Surf.

    9. Children making meth?

    Filled with chocolate pudding / Via

    Even the plant pot is shocked.

    10. Vegetables as romantic props.

    At The Edge / Via

    Photographer: You know what will look amazing? You posing with a cabbage.

    Jaya: Yes! I won't question that idea at all. #winningatlife

    11. Shatrugan Sinha is annoyed that he's finished the whiskey he's supposed to be promoting.

    Vintage Indian Advertisements / Via

    12. Buy a pressure cooker so the woman can keep cooking.

    Vintage Indian Advertisements / Via

    ...and she has "more time, more money for other useful work." Prestige: keeping the woman busy at home.

    13. The blandest ad ever for birth control.

    Vintage Indian Advertisements / Via

    "To insure blind love risk" - What does that even mean?

    14. Biscuits were a very serious deal.

    Vintage Indian Advertisements / Via

    Gabbar Singh is not happy about these biscuits.

    15. The heroic way to save the girl is by fighting in your underwear.


    "The compact and precise designer brief with a real manly stretch." Um, what?

    16. The box of matches that will traumatize you.

    17. OMG MY EYES!!!

    Tikkle / Via

    * jumps off cliff screaming *

    18. Where exactly are you tingling?

    BCM Touring / Via

    That look could mean so many things.

    19. Bollywood stars ready to be baked.

    Tikkle / Via

    Why is there so much foil? Why is Govinda wearing the foil as a short dress? Who thought this was ever a good idea? So many questions!

    20. The mother of Fair & Lovely.

    Crossing Cultures / Via

    FYI: Looking as white as the snow probably means you're seriously ill and dying.

    21. Must. Not. Drop. Sridevi.

    A Sridevi / Via

    Is Jitendra in pain/discomfort/fear/constipation? We can only guess.

    22. Campa Cola leads to awkward moment of kids kissing.

    PKP / Via

    23. A clean and refreshing soap advertised by a sweaty/messy Vinod Khanna.

    PKP / Via

    Isn't soap supposed to make him cleaner?

    24. Glamour bathrooms are for solitude and depression?

    PKP / Via

    Locking yourself in the bathroom when your "life is going to pieces" means you need help, not a fancy sink.

    25. Pissing babies generally don't make for appealing travel destinations.

    Adloo / Via

    26. And the most unsexy ad about making you feel sexy.

    The Old Indian Arts / Via

    Whose ideas was it to use a picture of scientists in a laboratory to bring back your vigour?