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Great Moments in Toast

Toast – so simple and yet, sublime. Here's a "toast" to a few of the greatest moments in the history of the world's most perfect food.

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Oh Holy Toast / Via

Florida resident Diane Duyser discovered an image of the Virgin Mary on a toasted cheese sandwich she made in 1994. Ten years later, the sandwich was sold via eBay for $28,000 to the Internet Casino

Butter Side Down / Via

In September of 2013, researchers concluded that toast most often lands butter side down because it can only perform half a somersault before hitting the floor. A crack team of scientists from Manchester MET University dropped 100 slices of toast from a table 2.5 feet high and in 81% of cases, the toast landed butter side down. For a catastrophe-free breakfast, the researchers recommend eating breakfast at a table 8 feet high. No research on whether the "5-second-rule" applies.

Scientifically Perfect Toast / Via

In 2011, more scientists decided to dedicate some important science time to determine the formula for the perfect slice of toast. Take a slice of toast 14mm thick and set your toaster to a 5 out of 6 on a 900-watt toasting appliance to achieve the ideal temperature of 154C (319.2F) for 3 minutes and 36 seconds. Post-toasting, place the toast on a plate warmed to 45C (113F), butter with 0.44 grams of butter and slice diagonally.

Luxury Toast / Via

A recently launched housing petition in San Francisco was inspired by a $4 slice of toast at the Bay Area restaurant The Mill. The petition to Mayor Ed Lee sites the expensive slice of toast as an indicator of the staggeringly high cost of living.

A Toast to Willie / Via

This 16-by-22-slice portrait of Willie Nelson was on display at this year's SXSW. The piece was commissioned by Whole Foods and created by production team leader Honey Thompson. Thompson toasted each slice individually and did detail work with a blow torch.

Toast as Terrorist / Via

In October, 2013, burned toast shut down Vermont's Burlington International Airport. Travelers and airport staff were evacuated for about a half an hour after burning toast set off a fire alarm. No information on the type of toast was available at press time.

True West Toast


Toast is a major element in Sam Shepard's True West, now on stage at Pittsburgh Public Theater. Audiences are encouraged to eat before they attend the production as the overwhelmingly delicious scent of perfect, golden brown toast may encourage stage rushing.