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14 Film Homonymns

Same title. Different taglines. Kind of work either way. If you squint.

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  • 1. W

    (1974) The Weapons of Death, The Vehicles of Destruction, The Army of Terror... Together they spread their evil across the land! But then there was... / (2008) A life misunderestimated.

  • 2. Blade

    (1973) A Psycho-Karate Killer Brutalizes His Victims And Your Emotions! / (1998) The power of an immortal. The soul of a human. The heart of a hero.

  • 3. Catch Me If You Can

    (1989) If you can't win the race, move the finish line. / (2002) The true story of a real fake.

  • 4. Payback

    (1995) When a woman stands in the way of a man's revenge, it can be deadly... / (1999) Get ready to root for the bad guy.

  • 5. Cobra

    (1971) You don't hire him to do a job. You let him loose. / (1986) Crime is the disease. Meet the Cure.

  • 6. Erik the Viking

    (1965) He lived only for the flesh and the sword! / (1989) A Viking Warrior Who Didn't Want to Rape and Pillage

  • 7. Femme Fatale

    (1991) A secret life. A deadly passion. What you don't know can kill you. / (2002) Nothing is more desirable or more deadly than a woman with a secret

  • 8. The Game

    (1984) When a group of young people compete for one million dollars they expected fun and frolic, but soon they become pawns in... / (1997) Players wanted

  • 9. To Die For

    (1988) They've stalked each other for 200 years. Tonight in Downtown L.A. ... they settle the score. / (1995) All she wanted was a little attention.

  • 10. Deep Red

    (1975) The maker of "SUSPIRIA" now takes you on a journey through the macabre, the bizarre... the unnatural." / (1994) A High-Tech, High-Octane Sci-Fi Thriller

  • 11. W

    (1974) Terror is a one letter word. / (2008) A life misunderestimated.

  • 12. Topsy Turvy

    (1983) A comedy about young love. / (1999) The egos. The battles. The words. The music. The women. The scandals.

  • 13. Wolfman

    (1979) When the full moon rises / (2010) When the moon is full the legend comes to life

  • 14. Ghostbusters

    (1975) See the series that started it all! here / (1984) They're here to save the world

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